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Saturday, March 15, 2008


Jeremiah Wright = Obama's pastor

I believe that we're finally getting to a point where we'll be able to finally make progress in race relations. Not by electing Obama President. But by taking the cover off the black community's hatred in everything white. The media has long since ignored the problems in black culture. They've done this because of their racism of not expecting black people be able to answer for their mistakes. Across this nation there are many, many black churches where politics and racism is preached every Sunday. Most white people do not understand this. The closest most white people get to black churches is when they do a feed the poor drive at Christmas and the black churches direct them where to go or is a point of contact. The problem is that racism is much more prevalent in black communities than in any other community including rich whites. You'd never know this by watching the news or movies though. Whites have had to accept black people or face being called for it. This has worked in a great way and to the point that most are generally open to ALL colors because of it. There have been a great many black people who have grown up and lived integrated and learned to accept the best of all cultures. But there is also a whole 'hood' of black people who pretty much live in their own black world. There is a whole underground of behavior where pretty much anything goes. Anything goes because there is no responsibility because there is no light being shinned on it. What Jeremiah Wright's messages have done is shine a little light into that anything goes culture and shows it to the world who has left it alone out of respect that the black people have their own culture and it's wrong of us to tell them it's abhorrent. Now lots of people are starting to look at that community and ask what the heck has been going on. It's about time, and it'll only better black people as they are forced to get out of a negative culture. It will be painful and there will be cries of racism as more light shines on the negatives. Racist whites had to endure the same as their negatives got exposed, but now we're better off because of accountability.

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