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Wednesday, January 24, 2007



There I said it. All my leftie family (mom's side, y'all know who you are) is gleefully thinking I've seen the light. The left hates Bush because of all the straw men they've made him out to be. I hate Bush because not only is he to the left of Clinton on domestic policy, but he's also set back the Conservative movement 30 years. I just wish he were 1/4 the straw man the left has made him out to be. Just look at his so called Hitler policies...
1. Illegal immigration: He's for it and not only that but full citizenship. Maybe my wife could go back and throw her green card away and sneak back and become a fast track citizen instead of us shelling out so much money and having to actually work for it.

2. Budget Busters: Prescription drug plan for seniors that noone seems to appreciate. Bridge to nowhere, farm bills, earmarks everywhere for everything. These are not only a waste of money, but even if they were free it wouldnt be worth the time doing it.

3. IRS, CIA, FBI, ICE, UN: Nothing has been reformed, streamlined, or even really worked on. Porter Goss was supposed to 'Drain the swamp' but nothing has really changed. Immigration was supposed to be reformed to protect us and make it easier for people to come here legally. Nothing done. For all the boogie man the press made John Bolton out to be, nothing much has been reformed and we're still in the UN. IRS is actually stronger under Bush instead of being threatened with being scrapped, they are picking out new desks. Nothing has been prosecuted or done about the National Security leaks, NOTHING!

4. National Security: Suprise! This is the most important part that Bush is very much lacking in. All you ever hear is that 'At least Bush is tough on National Security and the War on Terror', Oh really? Bush has made such a mess out of a very straight forward plan that it's become muddied beyond recognition. We talked such a big game, but unfortunately it's just talk. 'You're either with us or against us' Sounds like a great game plan, except in reality it's NOTHING like that. Bush has literally given up on fighting the war on terror. Our troops are more concerned with accidentally killing an innocent person than they are getting killed. Lets face it. Troops are made to kill people. Wars arent pretty. People die. We've prosecuted more people fighting FOR us (OUR TROOPS!!!!) than we have terrorist. That should tell you where we stand on the war. I cant begin to voice my disgust with Bush regarding the way he's let the lawyers run this war. We're more concerned with what our potential enemies think than the troops fighting the war. Our enemies are no longer afraid of us because they know that we dont fight it to win it. We'd rather fight another 3 years than just wipe out the terrorist in Iraq because someone might look bad on us if we take out SADYR or the other radicals. YOU take them out and then take out the people who get pissed. You let them know that they caused it and wars are ugly and that we'll try our best to fix it once the violence is through but until then expect stuff to get broken. If we had done Iraq right then Kim and Ramalamadingdong wouldnt be saying anything, but instead they've been emboldened. Patton wouldnt have gotten out of Morrocco if he had to anwser to EVERYTHING that upset the enemies. It just sickens me to the degree Bush has gone limp wristed. Oh he's strong when fighting Republicans against border control. Or prosecuting our soldiers or border agents. But once it comes to enemies of the state. Forget about it.

5. No Communication: Bush lets the press and Liberals set the tone and agenda and then after a few weeks he'll weakly try to object. You can just tell his heart isnt in it. I didnt watch the STATE OF THE UNION speech because he should have just phoned it in like he's done the rest of his job.

Is there noone left to actually stand up to our enemies, be them terrorist or Liberal America haters? We better find someone or else we'll self implode.

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