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Monday, December 11, 2006


Charity's Christmas List

Charity wouldnt really tell me too much about what she wanted for Christmas except she started out with jewlry and ended up in undecided. Charity isnt much of a jewlry person. What I mean by that is that she has wears the same jewlry daily regardless of what she has in the jewlry box. Any jewlry she really wants is way too expensive for us right now anyway. I was going to get her an mp3 player, but one of the things she wants is for it to play in the van also. This would involve getting something installed because the van doesnt have audio inputs (shouldnt have been so cheap and went ahead with factory dvd). Then I started reading about mp3 cell phones. So, she is getting a mp3 cell phone. The VX8600 from LG. What about being able to play in the van? Well that's where my creative side comes in. The phone is bluetooth audio A2DP. What this means is that I am installing the Scosche bluetooth receiver to the van's stereo through the optional cd changer. This will let her keep the phone in her purse and use the bluetooth to stream the audio without using any wires. Pretty nifty eh? Not to mention that she's been wanting a 'good' cell phone will all the bells and whistles.

Also, a few other things, but we're just talking about big toys right?

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Jacob's Christmas List

Jacob is a little harder to shop for because we already have a few tractor-trailers full of baby toys leftover from Camden. Remember that Camden was/is quite spoiled and we also inhereited a lot of toys from people who were finished having children. But every kid needs toys on Christmas!

I'm sure the boxes will be the biggest 'present' to Jacob honestly.

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Christmas 2006
The Kids are going to have a fun Christmas this year. Almost everything was done online because I just hate people and the less I'm around them the better I feel.

Camden's List goes something like this:

Thomas Ultimate set

Guitar/Microphone set

Animal Planet Sealife set for ultimate bath play

Realistic moving T-Rex

Plus a bunch of other stuff like clothes and little cars, etc....

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You'll Shoot your eye out!

My Christmas present that Santa is bringing is this:

A Ruger Buckmark .22lr Pistol, oh and a 550 box of ammo also. I picked a .22 because I'm the only one in my immediate family that shoots and need to teach the wife and not too far away, Camden on firearm safety. Nothing easier to learn on than a .22 .

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