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Saturday, June 17, 2006


From Mad Ogre: "It seems several fans of the Ford 500 have become displeased with my criticisms of the car. Ford has even contacted me about it. Both fans and the company argue that the 500 has a fantastically comfortable ride. Well, congratulations Ford, you reinvented the Olds 88. Glad you and a few people are happy with it. I just wish it could get out of its own way."

With Jacob on the way and life already uncomfortable with one kid in the Jeep Cherokee, we started looking for something bigger. My first qualification was 0% financing. We have rented mini vans and I really loved all the space, but it's a mini van! So we looked at big SUV's. Ford quit making the excursion and their expedition's 3rd row is really not an option for adults. My brother bought a GMC Suburban and it's nice and spacious and definately an option, but when I went and looked they didnt have the old style ones and the new 2007 style is smaller and hard to get in and out of the back seats. Jeep has a new Commander but their 3rd row is a joke because I dont think that even Camden could sit there comfortably. Then we decided on a mini van. Again back to Ford and their Aerostar. One word, TRASH. I have to say this about Ford, they are a one car company like the Ogre said. There isnt one car made by Ford that I would like to have except the Mustang. And now I see that their advertizing is talking about Bold MOVES, yeah right more like boring moves that is all plastic junk. Chevy... ahhh I always drove Fords, but loved Chevys. I really figured we'd end up owning a Chevy (Finally). Chevy's minivan feels cheap, not Ford cheap, but just like there is way too much plastic. It's a minivan that thinks it's not a minivan. Hello dumbnuts, you dont put jumpseat style seats in the back of a minivan. People are supposed to ride back there. If I didnt care about comfort in the back seats then I'd just get a truck with a shell and put a few lawn chairs bolted to the bed... sheesh. Have all the American cars lost their way? Does owning a car have to be like eating cold gruel day after day? Are people buying these things because they love the cars or because they always buy a Chevy and they need a minivan so it's going to be a Chevy? By then I knew it'd be a Dodge. Ok, so keep in mind when I say Chevy or Ford or Dodge, I'm also including their tagalong companies (mercury, GMC, Chrysler). Dodge/Chrysler should sue Ford for the Bold Moves marketing because they acutally are making cars I'd love to drive. Cars I'd actually ditch the kids for. I mean sure the Viper only has two seats, the kids could ride in the wife's lap right? ;-). I fell in love with the 300 and now with the SRT 300C 6.1 liters..... ahhh and it's 4 doors too! The new Charger.... also available in the SRT model. Doesnt it's head look like a snake? The only car I cant stand is the PT Cruiser which is NEON based and the NEON is a piece of garbage. The little PT's do sell and I wish they'd redo them on a Crossfire platform to catchup with Diamler's new hot style. We ended up with the Dodge Grand Caravan. It's also the old style Dodge, but one they've done right. I cant wait to see what the new Diamler Caravan will look like though because if it's anything like the others it may have a SRT version with a 12 cyl. You do realize that the Big 3 have gobbled up all the other cars except Toyota and Honda right? And here's the problem... Ford bought Jaguar/landrover/etc..and made them all Fords. Dodge bought Mercedes, but is trying to let Mercedes engineer Dodges. You dont buy the cream and try to turn it into skim milk, you buy the cream and try to make the skim milk at least whole milk. That is why Ford is dying and Chevy too, they dont make anything I'd buy.

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