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Friday, April 07, 2006


Gas prices: Ack!

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Illegal Immigration: What to do about Illegal Immigration? First, congress should steer clear of wanting to create new laws. There isnt a new law that will control the problem we have. There are plenty of Immigration laws on the books, what we need is actual enforcement. Congress should draw up a statement demanding the president hold the Border control/INS accountable and make them start doing their jobs. That's all there is to it. In just doing their jobs you've controlled the border, cracked down on businesses hiring them, and sped up the process for legal immigration. Only after all this happens can we start to talk about the millions that are already here. We dont need new laws when we cant inforce the ones we have already. Legal immigration should be streamlined and cleaned up. It's rediculous that it takes over a year to get ANYTHING out of INS. This year long wait isnt for scrunity or actual approval, it's just a wait, that's it. But then the year long wait turns into a year and a half because someone put your paperwork in the wrong stack and you didnt get your notice. So you brave the elements and show up at immigration at 5:30am and get in line out front. Immigration is always downtown and so your on the steps that smell like urine from last night's bum and of course theres always one or two industrius bums up to hit up the INS line at 5:30. Why 5:30? because you wont get in to see anyone if you show up when they open the doors. It's all just for show. The paperwork, the showing up, the fees. They pretty much rubber stamp the paperwork after the allotted time. I'm sure they are letting more than a few people named Bin Laden have visas without even checking them at all. But that's what people have to endure to come here. It's just time, paperwork and money. It's nonsense.

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I realize that noone reads my blog anymore because it's become a ghost town. But... I wanted to try to put a few things down about two things that have been bothering me lately. Illegal immigration and Gas prices.

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