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Thursday, August 04, 2005


So the NYT wants to go after Judge Roberts buy looking into his adoption process eh? For everyone who thinks this is no big thing, let me just tell you something. EVERYTHING is in those adoption records. You have to jump through so many hoops to adopt. Of course it's quite a bit different for a multi-millionaire lawyer/judge. But I must say that if I ever ran for office or was up for a senate fishing expidition and someone decided to try to dig in my adoption records, the gloves would be off. I'm not talking about saying a few stern words, I'm talking finding them and burning their house down with their whole family in it. Is that too harsh? These pricks think they can dig up anything they want and destroy people day after day, most of the time actually making it up or taking it out of context. Hell, what the NYT is doing makes me so mad that I wish some vigilante would deal with the whole problem and if/when there is a suicide bomb I hope it's at the NYT building. I'm sure there would be a bunch of innocents killed, but it'd hardly touch all the damage the NYT has done to this country over and over again without paying any price.

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