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Thursday, July 01, 2004


I'm sorry for all you cat lovers, but this has to be the funniest commercial I've ever seen.
Click here!

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Hong Kong Stages Massive Democracy March
I was reading this article about Hong Kong being upset by the govt of China was running them. I have no pitty really for these people. When I was there in 92-95 all I saw were signs and T-shirts with the british flag being painted over with the Chinese flag. The Chinese Hong Kong people were so happy to be getting rid of the old round eye Brits and just couldnt wait till they were reunited with their Mother China. I thought this funny because Hong Kong is a very wealthy city/country and their wealth derives from the Brits' management and their freedom. I wondered how they would feel once under the Communist fist. I wondered how much China would steal before the whole city/country of Hong Kong just begged for ole round eyes back. The good news is that China is looking for good PR and has Hong Kong on a long schedule of indoctornation. The bad news is that it's been a while since 1997 and the people are starting to feel the cold red grip of Communism and they really are acting suprised that the honeymoon is coming to an end. All I can say to them is, be careful what you ask for.

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