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Wednesday, February 25, 2004


From the NYT movie review...
"What makes the movie so grim and ugly is Mr. Gibson's inability to think beyond the conventional logic of movie narrative. In most movies — certainly in most movies directed by or starring Mr. Gibson — violence against the innocent demands righteous vengeance in the third act, an expectation that Mr. Gibson in this case whips up and leaves unsatisfied."

So was Jesus supposed to come back as godzilla and bury them all? I think it's funny that the only bad thing is that Mel actually stuck to the book and didnt 'sex' it up. What Mr. NYT reviewer doesnt understand is that in the end, vengeance is God's and God's alone. And funny for me to think that the whole rising from the dead and leaving behind a major religion that's changed the world for the better was enough. As the ole hymn goes, "victory in Jesus, my savior forever....". I plan on going Saturday with the Young life guys since I dont have my baby sitter for Sunday's viewing. Yes we did buy out a screen all to ourselves.

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