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Monday, January 12, 2004


Over Christmas I got a card from an old Navy friend's wife. She told me that she was getting a divorce and her and their son was living in Nebraska. I called her a few days after to see how she was doing and to get the scoop. I wasnt really suprised that they ended in divorce because I know he has sea duty right now after milking out 4 in recruiting in Nebraska. This guy was one of the worst cheaters I've ever seen. He had a Japanese girlfriend before his wife came over to Japan(it takes a few months). I mean a serious girlfriend who lived in Yokosuka and ended living pretty close to their apartment. Then everytime we hit liberty he was one of the first out to go whoring. This guy would be on everything and anything as soon as he hit shore. It was kind of like the running joke in our department because they guy had a nice wife at home in Japan holding down the fort. I'd heard rumors that she also screwed around while the ship was out (she denies it of course) which wouldnt be too far fetched since it seemed like everyone did it. Of course I never said a peep to her about his infidelity because I figured she not only knew but was doing it herself. And of course I was a different person back then and I thought it was more of a joke than anything. So aparently this guy never changed and now the Navy has yet another divorced chief. Like I told her on the phone. Then Navy way and the married way just dont seem to mix too well. That's why I got out before I got trapped in, 6mths is too much time on your own and way too much time to destroy everything you love after a few drinks.

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I realize that noone checks out my page anymore but I wanted to share just a little of what has been going on. Camden is going on 8months. Fatherhood has been much tougher that I thought it was going to be. I dont mean bad, just tough. I'll say this: Most days I hold him by the hands while he's standing up trying to walk and I feel so proud of him. Nothing in the world can replicate that feeling of watching your kid learn something new. He's babling a whole lot now and says "Omma" when he wants him mamma, but only in distress. On poking and proding all he'll produce is a smile almost as if he knows what you want but he aint giving it! He's picked up his first 3 words which is odd because I dont say them very often. It's ..."HEY KITTY KAT!" yep yesterday and today he's been saying it everytime the cat comes near him. Still no Dadda or anything I'm behind the cat! :-( Yes those are the times that people think about when they ask the young couple when they are going to start trying to have a baby. What they dont tell you is this: They money will be damned hard to come by. That's kinda self explanatory since you'll be dropping to 1 income and spending most of that on diapers/formula/toys. They dont tell you about the first ear infection and how you'll stay up a few nights holding him because he just wont sleep period! They surely dont tell you how all those quick runs to the store or in to the bank will become full fledged chores as you lug the baby in and out and how silly you used to think those bag boys were when they asked if they could take the groceries out to car. Now there wont be a single one offer once you need them, it's kinda the looking for a spoon and all there are is forks deal. They wont tell you that it's kinda a triumph once your baby can sit in the shopping cart. But it's a real pain in the ass because all the shopping cart returns are in the middle of the parking lot and as much as you hated those lazy people who left carts everywhere you'll become one of them. The problem is you cant put the baby in the car and then leave him to put up the cart. Most of the time it's ok, but when it's cold and rainy it can be quite a job. Breast feeders dont have to worry about this but for us we have to time everything in 4 hour increments because you have to be able to feed the kid every 4 hours and sometimes more like 2 1/2 if he gets really needy. Then theres the 1/2 hour drive back from Sam's club (to get cheaper formula) and he slept all the way there but now wants to literally scream from point a to point b for no apparent reason. Are all those things reasons for not having children, yes if you arent flexible. I expected my life to change and knew it was going to be hard, but then it totally cracks me up to hear people say that they will just continue on with their lives unchanged. UMMM YEAH RIGHT! I guess I'm saying this here because I wish everyone would actually know how much stress and strain raising a child is. Make sure your relationship is solid because you owe it to the little one and that's not a hit to divorcees but just my opinion. So with all that said, here's Camden's page.

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