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Thursday, August 28, 2003


Bimonthly update:
1. Episcopal church follows mainstream to the gutter.
2. U.N. opposes us at every corner and still manages to not be liked by the terrorists they support.
3. My grandfather survives 2 wars, but loses his foot to a blister.

Want a little more insight?
1. Episcopal church follows mainstream to the gutter: The queers are jumping up and down and licking their chops at the idea of taking down any church anywhere. The Episcopalians (and a whole lot of other denominations) are really in a hard spot because they have looked the other way regarding queers preaching the word of God. To me, it's even shocking that they allow an openly gay priest, much less for them to become a bishop. Look for worldwide Anglicans (and normal real Episcopalpalians here) to really spank the U.S. church and make them either give up the Anglican funds and name or dump the bishop. What the rest of us realize is that they are really opening themselves up by allowing gay priests anyway. What the whole media will never say but everyone knows is that of all the Catholic priests who are embroiled in scandles regarding them fondling or raping kids, 100% of them are queers. This isnt a case of some horny priest fondling a young girl, it's of queer men preying on their praying congregation. I think God has a special place for these people in the afterlife and I'm sure it wont be under his robe like they are hiding now. Look, I dont care if you are a peter puffer or a slit licker that's ok as long as you arent dangling it in front of my face demanding I tell you that it's ok, because it isnt. It never will be. If you queers keep pushing it in our face your gonna get something you dont expect, violence. You just couldnt stand to be left alone could you? It wasnt ok for us to just quit stomping the crap out of y'all every time you stepped out of the house because you want the attention. It's not enough for you to walk down the street and have noone say anything because then you'll feel like noone special, no you have to find someone who you know doesnt want to see it and stick it in his face. YOU HAVE TO WATCH! YOU SCREAM, GUESS WHAT? FUCK YOU GET BACK IN THE CLOSET DAMNIT, I'M SICK OF IT.
2. U.N. opposes us at every corner and still manages to not be liked by the terrorists they support: Yeah loss of life is bad, but damn did they ask for it or what? I actually dont pay any attention to these worldwide tree huggers because they dont deserve to be taken seriously. My only regret is that some of my tax dollars goes to them. All of these idiots will be dead sooner or later if they dont accept our security because the terrorists hate them just as much as us. Coddling them only makes you less in their eyes and actually invites attack. These people will never learn though and they will die. If you ask any Arab over there about Hamas or any other terrorist network they'll hem and haw about how there are so many different parts to the orgs and yadayadayada. They will never accept the fact that they are the problem. If someone is causing death and destruction you get rid of them regardless of skin color or language spoken, period.
3. My grandfather survives 2 wars, but loses his foot to a blister: My pawpaw was in WW2 as a deck hand and later moved up from enlisted to officer status and later commanded a marine transport ship in the Korean war. I grew up listening to his war stories which no doubt were filtered quite a lot for us. He took me fishing and tought me how to be patient and where to look for the holes and everything. It was him who showed me how to hook a minnow through the eyes to keep it alive. He ushered a lot at church and was a lay reader until his eyes and old age finally got to him. To say that I looked up to him is an understatement. His 6'4" frame was always a little hunched over in every picture of him with one of us kids because he had to bend a little for us to comfortably hold his hand. I still remember his smile when I asked (and got) some of his beachnut chewing tobacco when I was about 10 or so, I never asked again after I turned a few shades of green. He had 2 phrases for us when we were acting bad, "You damn fool" or better yet, "You Jackass!" was the words you heard when you knew you better start acting straight because noone wanted pawpaw mad at them. I realize that this sounds like a eulogy and it isnt, it's just that when I heard he was going to lose his foot and whole shin I started feeling a little sentimental. He got diabetis probably 10 years or so ago (as far as I can remember). At the ripe age of 80+ he still flew all over the country to reunions of his old ships and it was at one of these reunions that happened to be in Washington DC that he got his blister. He walked all over Washington D.C. looking at the monuments and such and developed a blister that became infected. Over the course of 1 1/2 years he was in and out of the hospital or dr's office trying to take care of this blister. Finally after that long it had gotten in his bone almost all the way to his knee. He got it amputated on Tuesday and is recovering good even though he says it's the most pain he's ever felt in his life. Of course at 80+ nothing is routine so I am still praying for a safe and full recovery and even back to walking.

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