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Friday, August 15, 2003


Dont you just know that the Amish are just laughing their asses off at how Americans cant handle loss of electricity? That is if they cheated and watched tv. I just had to turn it off of Fox "the sky is falling" News to believe it or not, more rational coverage at CNN. Fox News wouldnt take that people for the most part wernt mad or scared so they sent out reporters to poke and prod with questions like this: "Are you mad about having no power and who do you blame?" I thought it was funny when they got anwsers like, I dont blame anyone right now and just general discomfort but a will to trudge on regardless. I've also come to affirm my old belief that reporters make up the most rediculous questions to ask to officials during emergencies. It's as if they are wishing some official would say, every light will be on at 6am sharp, just so they can chicken little it after it turns 6 and only 3/4 of people have light. Then the references to the '77 blackout and all the looting. I was telling Mrs. Doc last night that people dont seem to understand that in '77, Carter was president and the country didnt give a crap about anything and moral was the lowest. Thats where you'll find civil unrest, not at times like now where we're flying high and feeling proud. And of course the looting didnt happen. I think it's a combo because of the police presence and also because people would have stepped in because after 9/11 we dont just sit back and hide anymore.

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