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Friday, August 08, 2003


Today is my wedding anniversary (5 years) and the wife wants to go out. We're going to this place, Blue Willow Inn. I did actually get brownie points by presenting her with a card this morning instead of being reminded and having to pick up a card later.

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Well we had our family reunion down in Louisiana once again. Let me just start off by saying how glad I am that my parents moved us from there. Dont get me wrong, there are plenty of things I love (the seafood and partying) but it's the physical things that I really cant stand. First off is the unbelievably soft water. It's the only place where you can take a shower and feel worse when you leave because you cant wash off the soap! Next, the humidity and weather just suck. It kills the roads which makes driving around more like 4 wheeling, and it makes everything musty. The best part is that we picked up about 40lbs of jumbo shrimp for $2.25 lb. Now I'm gonna start sounding like Bubba off Forrest Gump. First off is a great dish that was on the cover of southern living a month ago which includes a ton of garlic and butter! But that'll have to wait and the shrimp are nice and frozen now for safe keeping.

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