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Monday, July 21, 2003


Putting the Iraq scattered random soldier violence into perspective
If you watch any news channel it's sure to be the headline of the day (as it has been for every day). SOLDIER KILLED BY ANTI-US IRAQI SHOW OF VIOLENCE! Lets get this straight first off. Any death of a soldier is a bad thing. For every soldier killed there is a wake of sorrow left in death's path. The same applies to anyone including cold hard killers who die because somewhere, somehow, someone loves the person who just got offed and is going to have their life turned upside down because of it. Now, take what I just said and you may wonder if I'm for or against soldiers or wars in general. I am sorry that people must lose their lives in the fight against good and evil. It's tragic, but unfortunately necessary. What I want to show is how the media is grossly distorting the news to try and put a mask on our success in order to hurt Bush. With somber faces they report every minute detail of how 1 or 2 of our soldiers died and how the numbers are out of control. It's just a catastrophe. First off... Wernt these the same people who were talking about over a 100,000 people would die and how we'll be lucky to not lose half our army when we take Baghdad? The press should be reminding us about how great it was that we were able to somewhat secure a whole country in record time with the smallest deaths ever recorded. They should remind the American people about how there will be small pockets of terrorists running around Iraq trying to kill G.I.'s because we didnt just go in with guns blazing killing everyone. It's because of our restraint that a few people are dying. They should remind us that the ones who are doing these terror acts mostly arent Iraqi's but people who are coming in from other countries to try and get a chance to kill an American. It's much better for them to go to Iraq to kill Americans than to New York or L.A. Or, maybe they could remind us about how many of our own we kill every year and that in a country with the population of Iraq it's amazing the restraint the Iraqi's have shown. You want murder numbers and lawlessness that dwarfs Iraq? Look no further than L.A. County's gang warfare deaths. Loss of life is always tragic, but lets get a little neutral perspective for once.
Gang related deaths for L.A. County

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