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Friday, June 13, 2003


New baby pics!

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Kill the terrorists before they kill you
I think it's an idea that's been long past it's time. Israel is now (somewhat) openly saying that they are targeting ALL of Hamas including the political leaders. What the hell took y'all so long? I say they go a bit further and declare actual war on Hamas and any terrorists org that hits Israel. They've played patty cake way too long with these guys, and I saw the other day where Arafat was giving some anti Israel rant along with the Hamas leader. If they went full tilt and got rid of these guys then there maybe could be a start to peace. Abbas has already shown that he isnt willing to deal with their fanatical divisions by saying he'll never detain ANY terrorist groups for fear of civil war. How stupid. Hamas has already demonstrated the fact that they want war with Israel by saying that they wont negotiate ANY peace with them. Hello, if you wont negotiate any peace then you'll get war. They should go after these guys like Golda did the munich terrorists. To take a quote from Pulp Fiction...If Hamas goes to Indochina, I want you there waiting in a rice patty to pop a cap in his ass.... Israel should let the Palistinians know to stay away from any known Hamas figures because they are all targets and if you are near then you are one too. After a while they will start running them out of their neighborhoods, unless they wanna die.

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How the hell do you know?
I see where environmental activists/terrorists are making claims that hydrogen cells MAY hurt the environment. What's funny about this is that it's a great idea and one that they've been lobbying for all this time. What really irks them is that a Republican President has made it into his earth platform. So they are willing to create some kind of junk science to come up with anything against Bush's Hydrogen fuel cars. They are willing to scrap everything they've hoped for just to counteract their nemisis. Kinda puts a new light on what they are all about doesnt it?

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Monday, June 09, 2003


Abbas, Arafat's hand puppet
If you look close enough you'll see Arafat's hand up Abbas' butt. This is the major reason why Arabs never get any credibility. You cant say that you are against terrorist but vow to never punish them because they are Arabs. There has to be a time when you step up and realize that you have bad apples in your race and nationality and stop them. This kinda reminds me of all black juries letting a killer go just because they would never convict a black person. That is so damn racist. Civilized society depends on the majority being morally capable of taking care of their problem people, no matter what their race or creed is. If you cant, then you are no better than animals in my book.
Abbas: No Force Against Arab Militants

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