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Thursday, June 05, 2003


Camden update!
Well, we've made it past 2 weeks now with Camden. Today was a hard day for me and Mrs. Doc because we took Camden to get circumcised. I so wish that the hospital there would have done it for us, but thats not available until after we take custody and I didnt feel like dealing with all that in CA especially not even having his insurance in order yet. So we took him to the OB's office today for his snipping. The OB goes to our church and I had kinda joked that maybe we could hold a Christian Bris at our shower the church is holding for us tomorrow. Somehow I think that would run everyone away (including me). Anyway, Camden is recovering now and ok. I've known a couple of guys who got circumcised later in life because they couldnt keep infections away. I think it's much better to get it over with when he's unable to remember. It still hurt his mom and me to think of him in pain and was the first hard thing we've had to do for his own benefit later. I'm sure there will be more time later when our heart wrenches a little for him too.

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Dont think that other countries who depend on us for protection arent watching this.
Withdrawal from the DMZ is one of the things that I think was decided when S. Korea was going around crying and protesting us being on their pennisula. Their leaders followed the people in trash talking us, until Rumsfield and Bush started talking about total withdrawal from Korea. Then the talk went from ordering us to leave, to begging us to stay while wondering why we were upset. So everyone else better take notice. When you trash talk us and order us out, be ready for us to start packing our bags.
U.S. Pulling Troops From Korean DMZ

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Monday, June 02, 2003


Look out for a good Kalifornia rant soon, but now it's quitting time and I get to go home to Camden! :-)

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