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Friday, May 30, 2003


Below is Camden. He was born on May 20th and weighed 6lbs 10oz.
Guess what? He's the newest member of our family!!!!! Words cannot express the feeling of responsibility I felt when I took him in my arms for the first time. Here was my son. Finally holding him in my arms, gently rocking him as he looked at me quizingly. Yes, It's been 10 days now and we've gotten to know him so much more after 9 days in the hotel room making due with a microwave and a mini fridge. I still remember holding him and feeding his bottle. The first time he had hiccups in my arms and my fright wondering if he was choking or something. And Mrs. Doc, ahhhh she's just jumped in and become super mom. She makes me look clumsy. We both hold him, looking in his eyes, just loving him and you can tell that he's perfectly content. God placed this wonderful miracle in our arms and has entrusted us to care for this little soul, entrusted us to teach him God's way. This is a committment we take seriously. Sometimes when I'm sitting there holding my son, my thoughts wander and think things better not thought. Like this: Some people wanted my son dead. They tried everything to convince the birthmother that it was the right and femine thing to do, to murder my son. So there they are everyday trying to talk someone into killing someone's baby. All you have to do is have the thing and give it up for adoption, all expenses paid. Is that really so hard? Obviously so to some people. I do know that there is at least one little soul living now that will make some mark on the world in his own way just because his birthmother refused to listen to the Liberals parading around talking about 'rights and choices'. Thank you so much for giving us our son. Maybe some will call me a fool, but I believe that even before this baby was conceived, God had a plan for him in our life. I just cant help wondering how many more he had plans for that have been murdered in the name of a 'choice'.

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