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Thursday, May 08, 2003


Ok, we had our first 'situation' phoned in to us and as promised here it is:

Mother: 22 yrs old, due date May 28th, Sex of baby unknown
5'5" 195# (preg weight) blonde hair/green eyes, fair skin
No smoking/drinking/drug use during pregnancy
Has 2 girls who are in state custody (C-section)

Father: 31 yrs old,
6'5" 205lbs dark blond hair/hazel eyes
father was adopted

Parents: Both have depression, skitzo effective depression, various other mental problems.
Cost for adoption: $30,500 + medical expenses (5-7K for delivery, 10-13K for C section)
Wants letters and pictures twice a year till 18, 1 conference call after placement, and meet parents before placement.

Our decision: Are you crazy? $45,000 adoption? not unless my last name becomes heinz or gates. We were very upset at the unrealistic cost of this adoption. Now as our first 'situation' we are left wondering if maybe we were steered wrong into thinking that $20,000 was the normal adoption cost. Very disappointed indeed! We were already turned off by the cost of adoption being the same as a decent car, but now we're into small fixerup home costs! To me, this adoption is everything that's wrong with the whole system. GREED!
As Forrest Gump would say, 'that's all I'm gonna say about that'

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Wednesday, May 07, 2003


How news sources have been skewing the news for decades
Ok, here's an example of how bias can be presented. I know it's about sports, but you'll get my point. I'm a Braves fan and usually it's hard to find a decent article or acknowledgement that the Braves accomplish anything. So anyway, here's the way you can tell the story but not the whole story.
Despite their strong play after a 4-8 start, the first-place Braves drew just 18,108 fans -- the smallest crowd in Turner Field's seven-year history."
Yahoo! Sports-Braves game summary

What they fail to mention is this: from the AJC
A nasty thunderstorm stomped through metro Atlanta Tuesday, dumping buckets of rain that caused minor flooding and major inconvenience.

Or maybe what people were trying to avoid was something like the tornadoes that this storm brought to TN/MS/AL/MO/LA. To me, it's just another way the media slants crap to fit their little world.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003


We're still waiting for our first 'situation' call. Mrs. Doc is getting ready to be laid off; do you still call if laid off if the whole plant closes? This really kinda sucks since we're using her work as the health insurance provider (to save our business money). Have you ever had to do something really important, but doing it would be like a kick in the balls? That's how I view this insurance situation. What's even worse is that the costs are totally outrageous AND they dont cover jack. I know that there is someone out there that can cover what I want for what I'm willing to pay, but it's depressing to go from site to site with every company doing something a little different. I'm not an insurance knowledgable guy and I've got the feeling that I could really get rooked if I'm not careful. It's almost like everyone has enough small print and copayments, and deductables, and 80/20 splits to keep them from paying anything at all and the only way to get them to pay would be to get cancer or something where you cant recover. Of course it has to be this way now since everyone and their dog is suing everyone else and trying to win life's lottery. Not to mention the government sticking their noses into everything with their medicare/medicaid which of course raises prices. What even bugs me more is that these doctors make deals with insurance companies. If Joe Blow walks in and gets a checkup and he has (insert an insurance co here) as his insurance then the doctor will make a deal with the insurance company and charge $75 for the visit. But if Bill Soandso walks in and gets the same procedure but doesnt have the health insurance then the doctor will charge him full price like $140 for the exact same thing. This is bad because the guy who doesnt have insurance really doesnt need to be supplimenting for the insurance company who can afford to pay. Hello, dumbfuck, the cost of the procedure is the cost of the procedure plain and simple, anything else is insurance welfare.
ps- I never realized that they did these reductions of prices for the insurance companies until I ran into it myself when the hospital tried to double charge us for one of our fertility tests.

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