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Thursday, May 01, 2003


Presidential visit
Dont you know that those Lincoln sailors were up late hours putting the last polish on decks. I remember when (then secdef) Dick Cheney flew on the Indy. We had the place spit shined. The same applied for Admiral Kelso's visit. Those were the only times you saw everyone out cleaning stuff. Kelso actually flew on in a F-14 out of Bahrain which was cool. I really admired him because he was so down to earth. He went all over the ship too, not just officer's country but down to the mess decks and even to engineering. He wanted to talk to the sailors not the officers. After that, tailhook took him away and we got a Klinton shill who ended up committing suicide on the job. Ok, so I might miss the Navy just a little ;-P

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Adoption update!
I believe that said this before but I'll rehash. We've decided to go with an agency since we werent getting any calls from friends of friends who knew pregnant teens who wanted to give up their baby. We're still open if y'all know anyone. We're open until we actually get matched. So anyway, we filled out all the paperwork and after a few weeks of going back and forth trying to get everything together, we were sent off for approval to be able to join this agency's program. Well, 6 weeks later we got the call that we're approved. Now comes the heartwrenching part: The calls. Now we will get calls everytime they have a situation that fits our criteria. The hard part will be turning down the ones that are just too expensive, which will probably be most of them. Who knows, we could get a call tonight and actually have a baby tomorrow, you never know! Ok now, that's kinda scarey, dont you think? I'm thinking about listing all the calls and details here so y'all can see how it all works. I'm sure noone really cares, but damnit I wanna do it and it IS MY SITE afterall! ;-) More later.

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Military spending cuts
VodkaPundit takes on the issue of where to cut programs concerning the U.S. Military. I, being a fiscal Conservative, believe that there isnt a program anywhere in the government that cant be trimed up a bit. The Osprey V-22 really comes to mind and is at the top of my list. I do realize that the Marines cry and wail about how bad they need the Osprey just because they want some money thrown their way. My belief is that this is a dying duck of an aircraft based on a very odd style. Cant there be some perfections on the CH-47 or something? Some of the money saved can go into building better helo's and maybe a better combat weapon than the M-16. Well that should be enough to get a few jar heads on my case, off to the NAVY... Are submarines actually necessary anymore? I'm really not sure. Do we really need the capability to sit off someone's shoreline undetected? Do we really HAVE to fire Tomahawks from under water? Maybe there is something I'm missing like a much more powerful sonar or something. I'm not saying we've gotta scrap the whole underwater fleet, but the bubblehead program definately needs a little thinning. Some things we could spend that money on are more SEALS and 2 more aircraft carriers (with tomahawk firing capacity). That ought to be enough for the squids (especially the bubbleheads) to wanna keelhaul me so off to the ARMY... I'm not too up to date on Army pet projects, but here are the 2 criteria, Fast, and able to sustain (russian made) rpg and small arms fire. Anything else like big gun projects should really be scrutinized. I think speed is definately an advantage we need to work on using. Ok, so I dont know crap about the Army, off to the Airforce... Is the F-22 a supersonic jet? I never unstood why we would build subsonic fighters. The whole idea of a Joint strike fighter/bomber really is a good one. The idea of being able to have to only carry spare parts on one type of fighter/bomber seems more economical. I also agree with someone's comments about turning the A-10 over to the Army. The A-10 is way too much fun for a fly boy to appreciate. The B-2/F117 are safe with my cuts because I think suprise is definately something that we need to take advantage of. The whole B-52 fleet should be scrapped. In it's place I would put a MLB70. What's a MLB70? A plane created by me! The Multiple Launch Bomb 70 would be able to carry 50% more than the B-52's including laser weapons systems (future use). Of course the drones will remain. Support planes of course stay too, but I think they should be integrated into a coupld of different models. Cut out the B1B, F15, F16.
Summary: We should go back over the last 20 years of warfare and look at our enemies or future enemies we'll be fighting. We need to look at everything we've used and why we've used it. Were we really firing Tomahawks out of subs because it was the best and most efficient way or because the subs havnt been used in warfare and it's like giving them a part. The whole point is to be stronger because we are more efficient. Faster and more flexible because we've consolidated. We have to stop and pull these 4-stars out of the feeding trough and look at what the best way is to defend our country and kill our enemy. If more money goes to the Airforce for missle defense then the Army needs to understand that it's for the betterment of the country. Ego's shouldnt be stroked with dollar bills, everyone is important and it's time the 4-stars understood that the reason they are there isnt to lobby, but to defend.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Broke a shaft at work so it's been all work and no play for me. We finally got it fixed just a few minutes ago so should be back to normal tomorrow.

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Monday, April 28, 2003


Look ma, I'm back!
Ok, so the wife's friend is back in commie land and our life is slowly getting back to normal. Ahhh guests, after 3 days they start to smell a bit fishy (isnt that a rude saying for a female guest?). We have a very small house and even 1 guest really hinders our freedom of movement. I'm really happy to be able to shower/shit/shave with the door open once again without having someone waiting or me doing the waiting. As far as the friend goes, she's really a great person. She's a lib commie from Canada, but (like I told her) that's expected since all they get is commie news, AND the NYTimes. So of course, she's utterly suprised at the fact that anyone likes GWB or anything conservative. She's suprised because she's been duped a lot like a lot of us were by the press before you could fact check anything. Needless to say, we spent 10 days trying to plant conservative seeds in her mind and get her to see how gullible she's been. This brings me to my topic of this lesson. When you hear of all these other countries and their people who hate GWB or America, you've got to consider what they are living in. We live in the most open society where the internet runs wild and you can find pretty much what you want politics wise. A whole lot of other countries (including Canada) have multi layer laws that put political correctness above everything else. They believe that they can see the whole picture but they are only seeing what their government wants them to see. Some are more open than others, but the whole idea is controlling public opinion. Believe me, it's not coincidence, it's by design. I dont expect much from these brain washed people honestly. Of course they believe that America is like Rome and GWB is Caesar, thats what they've been marinated in.

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