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Saturday, April 12, 2003


Wow only 9 months for the govt to figure out what the public knew within 2 hrs of the event. Who says we havnt come a long way!
July 4 Shooting at LAX Ruled Terrorism

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Ok, I realize that I'm a little late on this one but I thought I'd go ahead and comment on the CNN Baghdad supression stories. Here's my take on this: CNN has always been a propaganda mouthpiece for the liberal media. Liberal thoughts and ideas are broadcast daily for news. Everyone should have known what to expect when ultra loudmouth liberal Ted Turner decided to start up an all news network. Of course we were all tricked because we never knew the REAL news, only the crap that came out of the 'nightly' network news. So we all watched and I'm sure I'm not the only one who had my thinking skewed by liberals. No wonder Clinton was elected. By then CNN and all the other liberal outlets had turned on Bush and it's hard to win an election when so many people trusted the news. But now the bloom is off and CNN, MSNBC, networks look more and more like AL Jazeera or Iraqi tv compared to Fox news. People get their news via the drudge report and other sources and read a vast array of articles on the same subject. Cheating and propaganda is getting harder and harder to hide. So now when CNN comes out with this confession that they always knew but wouldnt report it because if they did then they wouldnt have gotten to keep their Baghdad office, not so much of a suprise. I do believe this Jordan guy is really losing sleep at night as well he should be. His inaction has led to the deaths and torture of probably more people than he could possible imagine. Every dead person as a result to his inaction blackens his soul a little more. His torment will never end, and I would bet that long after he stops breathing on this earth, his soul will be carrying the weight of innocents. Talk about 'prolonging evil by good people doing nothing'... I hope that Jordan's torment will be a lesson to other journalists to do the right thing. There really is a 'right and wrong', I suggest they start finding the right or else face the torment in your soul.

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Friday, April 11, 2003


I'm still tweaking, check out the cool links for blogs now!!!!!! Is there anyone else doing links like this???? heck no!!! Also, if you dont see your pic/link here and you'd like one put up then please email me or just leave a comment along with a link to where I can get a picture to make into a link. Most turned out great, but Brent yours turned out squashed, wanna send me a better creation? Actually ya'll can just post the button somewhere on your site and just alert me to which one you want linked, fyi they are 200X41 pixels if you wanna make one. I'm gonna do away with the plain links soon and no this isnt some odd way at delinking anyone, I just couldnt get a good picture to represent your site. Dont worry, I'm using my bandwidth.
ps--- looks as if I finally got a link to my archives figured out. Odd how much you can do if you only try!

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And then it hit me...
Maybe this is old knowledge, maybe it's new but I was reading Rachel Lucas' website this morning and I suddenly came to an ephipany. You hear the Arab world talking about how we are invading and occupying Iraq to steal their oil and rape their women. You hear from Democrats and other wackos about how bad we are and that we're conquerors. Sometimes you have to listen to things people say to get a real feel for the person. In the Arab and Democrats' case I think you have to listen to what they are saying about us to get a feel for who they are. They really cant help having these opinions, they really cant. You see, in their world, everyone has a black soul and will do anything to get ahead and thinks only of themselves. In their world there is no honor or valor, only greed and deceit. These people think that we are in Iraq to steal the Iraqi's oil because that's what they would do if given the chance. They think we're conquerors because if they could, the Arabs would invade Israel and conquer it. They think we want to kill women and children and everyone because they themselves have no use for any human life other than their own. I'm not saying that we're perfect and never do wrong things, but here's the difference between Libs and Conservatives. Conservatives realize that they are human and therefore flawed. They know that they will never be perfect, but that makes them try harder to do the right thing and to not listen to the evil voice inside us all. Liberals think everyone is perfect, but someone went and illegally put all these morals in the way of us being human. Every fight of a liberal is to tear away the morals that make us different from the animals. Liberals think that the real problem with 'right and wrong' is someone mistakingly put a 'right' choice in there. They think that if they can just eliminate the 'right' choice then it doesnt matter if all that's left is wrong. Lowest common denominator is what I believe that's called. So when you hear all those absurd claims coming from the Arabs and Liberals about how we want to steal, conquer, rape, and kill, realize that to you it's absurd because you realize that we will do the right thing over there and return it all back to the people of Iraq (all we wanted was to eliminate the threat of terrorism, really). To you it's absurd because you know we can do right, to Libs it's absurd because they dont realize that there is a right.

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Thursday, April 10, 2003


Playing around at revamping!

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Wednesday, April 09, 2003


Our action will bring more terrorism?
"It is irrelevant whether Saddam is dead or not. His memory will live on to inspire many Arabs to stand up against all the injustices committed by the U.S. and its friends in Israel," Belqees Hamood, a university student, said.
"But resistance to occupation has nothing to do with Saddam and just part of the battle is about to end now."

At first it seems as if they dont understand exactly what happened to Saddam, but then comes the enlightened ones...
Adel in Beirut disagreed. "So he was the only Arab leader to stand up to the Americans. Look what happened, no one else will dare try that again."

Force is what deters terrorism, not indifference. What they soon will all learn is that terrorism=death. Sure one or two may slip through and kill a few people or if they are lucky a few thousand, but soon they will be running out of hiding places. Soon the dictatorships will be overthrown. Dont think that the Arabs who are watching tv right now and seeing the Iraqi's dancing and kissing U.S. soldiers arent getting what's going on. What's going on is total shock because they have been lied to constantly by their press to breed hatred and to think that we were in trouble. I'm sure it's really hard to swallow how fellow Arab dictators care for their people less than those evil Americans. It's amazing what you can accomplish with a media who is willing to lie to get their point across. Our media is a great point. For countless decades they have been changing opinion by their methods or reporting or by ignoring stories that didnt fit their politics. Millions of Americans were fooled into thinking that their conservative thinking was very much in the minority and even tricked into seeing the news through liberal eyes. With that said, Fox News would have never gotten off the ground if it wasnt for the internet. Without the internet you can see CNN asking the people who they are going to believe, CNN powerhouse or some controversial upstart looking for attention and lying. I'm sure everyone would have stuck with Fox right??? yeah right. But now with the internet you can fact check these lying pigs. What's resulted is a major distrust of anything old media establishment. Fox news isnt conservative though and many times I get pissed because they sometimes fall into the liberal reporter syndrome. But at least they make an attempt at getting it straight. I realize that this isnt a new thing but something that I really started thinking about when I heard my brother talking this weekend. We were staying at our aunt's house and he asked her to turn it on 'Fox news' to see what was going on. She only had local stations (stone age anyone?) so we were out of luck. What was suprising about this is that my brother is a jock, pretty much devoid of political opinions. Seems that he cant stand the other news channel's non stance on the war and their blatent non covering of anything good. To my jock brother I say, welcome to the dark side :-)

Arabs Watch Saddam's Demise in Disbelief

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Some guys have all the luck...
nice catch Brent! Check out his interview with David Horowitz!
The Ville - Monthly Archive

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War is Swell
I'm confused; did we like win the war now? In the beginning we had this "Shock and Awe" and we were like, "Wow, this is going to be over quick!" but then resistance seemed higher than expected and we thought, "Man, I guess this will take months." and then like a week later we're in Saddam's palace rifling through his DVD's. Oh, and see that crater full of rubble? We think that's him and his sons, Uday and Umbassday.
And now we think we found chemical weapons like we always said he had. We should make the French eat them. Also, Iraqis are cheering us on. I heard this touching story of how a six-year-old Iraqi girl handed an American soldier a card written on it, "Me love America. Protestors are dumb f__ks. I want stab them." So, in the end, America is right about everything and stupid hippies are wrong about everything and smelly. This was like the best war ever; if there were Academy Awards for war, we'd like totally sweep them. Largest Explosions, Best Avoidance of Civilian Casualties, Best Costume Design, Best Rifle Accuracy, Best Special Effect, Best Use of Airstrikes in a Supporting Role - those would all be ours.
What I hope most people take out of this war, though, is the fact that if you piss off America, it doesn't matter if the French are on your side or if hippies smell bad and wave signs, we will kill your ass. And we will steal your DVD's.
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IMAO, The amazing Frank J.

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Dont you hate it when you try to do something cool and blogger craps out on you? I ended up deleting the last entry but now blogger doesnt want to see it deleted... maybe later.
ps-- yeah I know, get mt, but I dont have the time right now to go screwing around with something new.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2003


Inspiring words from the grave...
"The United States has attacked Iraq and soon he will also attack Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sudan. The attacks in Saudi Arabia and Egypt will be against Islamic movements there," said the tape.

I see, we're going to attack these people just because they are Muslim, not because of their evil nature? Lets see if we can understand why the evil Americans may attack these countries... hmmm lets see if Osama tape man can give us any reasons....

"Do not be afraid of their tanks and armored personnel carriers. These are artificial things," he said. "If you started suicide attacks you will see the fear of Americans all over the world. Those people who cannot join forces in jihad should give financial help to those mujahedeen who are fighting against U.S. aggression."

Oh I see, now I know why...
Osama's new cassette tape, what's next 8 track?

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One of the best Articles ever!
Here are some lines to get you interested enough to click:
Our most dangerous foe, the morally inferior enemy within, is in shock too—the rules of the game have changed and no one’s told them! The Hollywood left, for instance, used to routinely viciously attack conservatives or the president without penalty. That was then.

Once upon a time, competing politicians at least had the decency and humanity to close ranks once we were engaged in foreign warfare. No longer. We are now in the age of classless ex-presidents like Carter and Clinton. The American people, and history, will not be kind to these fools.

The black community too is undergoing an upheaval of interesting proportions. The daily images of Secretary of State Colin Powell and Brigadier General Vincent Brooks, both handling their jobs with class, has had a positive effect on blacks viewers. I’ve even seen (gasp!) black preachers like Eddie Long voice support for the war effort.

The shock of truth is blowing minds and changing the face of the world. It is bringing our friends closer, and scaring the hell out of our enemies. Here’s to it, and to a president who understands its necessity.

The truth makes cockroaches scurry

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Monday, April 07, 2003


Lesson 1 from Vietnam
The leftist press loves to shout quagmire and Vietnam every time we get into a shooting engagement. A lot of times it's even before we even take any action. Once again we're at war. Thirty some odd years have passed and the press still cant seem to fathom the real lesson from Vietnam. They write about how you cant liberate a country... BIG MUDDY! How we cant fight against guerilla warriors...QUAGMIRE! It's going to last a couple of months..... VIETNAM! As much as the press loves to shout about Vietnam I dont think that they realize why we could never win it. It wasnt because we were fighting guerilla warriors that ate our lunch, because they didnt. It wasnt because we tried to liberate a country and failed, we didnt. And, it wasnt because we couldnt sustain a fightable war, we could. We couldnt win Vietnam because we wernt allowed to fight in Vietnam. Sure there was fighting, but most of the country, the most important parts of the country were off limits to bombers. We were in it enough to keep communism occupied, but not enough to start WWIII with Russia. You cant win a war from attrition, you've got to sever the leadership. We 'couldnt' do that without having a direct standoff with USSR. That has never been the case in any action we've done since. Our Presidents and military know the lesson from Vietnam and will never repeat it. Military targets are engaged now any time they are available and the only 'no strike' zones are huminatarian ones. Never again will we jump into the river with our arms and legs tied together. The press just doesnt understand, or perhaps they refuse to give out hope of yet another Vietnam so they can once again freely trash America. If you listen closely you can hear the disappointment in their articles, disappointment that we're succeeding and have learned the lesson of Vietnam. Disappointment that America refuses to disable itself down to it's enemy's capability. Disappointment that this country will never take a back seat again. These journalists know that their days are numbered. America wants embedded pro U.S. journalists to give them their news now, not some old commie who wishes it was 1969 all over again. After all, we've been there and done that.

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