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Wednesday, April 02, 2003


Still no "like a duck in a noose" from Sadaam's speech. Wonder why? ;-)
It was funny watching the reporters ask questions to Rumsfield last night about the centcom briefing. Can you believe that one asked if it was going to be about 'shock and awe'??? The look on Rummy's face was priceless.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2003


Yesterday I took off work to take my mother in law back to the airport. We arrived about 2 1/2 hrs early since you never know what your going to encounter when you get to the search points. Turns out the airport was deserted. I'm not sure if it's because of the war or because it was 2pm on a monday. I seem to remember times when you could go to the airport and it was empty, times long before the terrorist attacks. Are people actually afraid to fly right now? I'm really asking this question because to me it seems as if it's the safest time to fly. So we make it through the ticket counter and send her bag through the scan-o-matic 2000 on it's way to the belly of the bird fairly fast. We've got an hour to kill so we go to the main area where theres like 10 restaurants and a bunch of people just lounging and waiting. If you're into people watching (like I am) then this is the perfect spot. Theres not much that I can agree with Matt Damon on, except that the airport is the perfect place to watch people. Happy people, sad people, busy people, bored people. So we're sitting there drinking our coffee and just relaxing on this huge circular seat which was the base of something (maybe a tree?) and I notice 3 fellow skin heads walking around. The guys look a little lost and finally end up on the seat next to me. Maybe they felt invited by my freshly sheared do, who knows. I look down and one of the guys had the freshest looking sea bag (green duffle) that I've ever seen. So of course I ask, "where you boys coming from?" "Ft. Benning", ahhhh Ft. Benning is a recruit training center for the army. They had just gotten outta boot camp. I tell the one kid with the brand new duffle bag, dont worry it'll get nice and worn soon enough. I told him I was in the Navy so we didnt get to use our duffle much except in change of stations, but I'm sure the Army loves to march with those suckers on their backs. So we talk a little while about boot and the military in general and we get up to leave. I fought for words to tell these kids as they embark on their military career, I didnt want to sound hokey, but wanted them to know that I appreciated how they felt and where they are. So I told them good luck in the Army, maybe you'll get to see some action soon, and if you do be sure to keep your head and remember your training and you'll do just fine. As I left one said, thanks sir. And it made me remember then when you first get outta boot, everyone's a sir and ma'am. This country would be so incredible if everyone would go to boot and actually get the message. Of course they wouldnt and like a lot who sign up, would realize that they cant follow any kind of orders or maintain even basic discipline. Then they drop out and continue to fuck up our country. These people are what drives the Generals and smart people to say that they hope we never face a draft again. I am thankful though for the amount of kids today who line up for the Armed forces. Ones who will learn discipline and orders. Ones who will one day get out and KNOW what it takes to succeed. Ones who will get out and look at the hippy Mtv generation and try to hide their gag. These will be the leaders because the rest of the kids will never grow up and become responsible, they've never been taught to. Seeing these kids who just got out of boot gives me hope for the future. Hope that was slowly dwindling as you hear of yet another group of kids who cant do math or point out countries on a map. Kids who are literally brain dead who are able to graduate from high school and yet not even read on a 9th grade level. Kids who do anything they want anytime the want with no responsibilities or parents to tell them no. I sure wish there were more of these boot camp boys around to straighten out our media made cess pool of inadequate lifestyles. Someday maybe we'll all stand up, maybe we'll raise the next generation better. I sure plan on raising my kid the old way with values and responsibility. If he/she doesnt like it, then they'll have a red ass because I wont tolerate it one bit. It's not child abuse it's responsibility.

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