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Saturday, March 29, 2003


Thursday I got my head shaved.... ahhhh I love summer. See?

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Friday, March 28, 2003


Toronto Health emergency
Ontario is facing a total problem from this SARS problem that originated in China. This is no suprise to me and let me detail why. Canada is nation building right now. The problem up there has always been that they have too much land and not enough people. So what do they do? Open the borders totally letting in anyone who will come (which involves a lot of terrorist potentials also). Before our terrorist attacks it was seen as mainly an aggravation to our border guards trying to keep them out. Anyway that's a whole different article. So they've opened up their borders and are trying to fill the country. I'd probably suspect that the main reason for this is because they didnt have enough tax revenue to cover their socialist programs and more immigration should = more tax money. So the biggest population increase has been the Chinese. There are 2 cities that immigrants flock to, Toronto and Vancouver. I'm sure Vacouver is having problems right now also, but not getting the news coverage that T.O. is. I know a lot of y'all will say that it serves them right, but my whole in-law family lives up there right now.
Ontario declares 'health emergency' on C-Health: Your Health and Wellness Source

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Thursday, March 27, 2003


Just an opinion
Shouldnt we be obligated to 'take out' the so called leaders who call for suicide bombing and terrorist attacks on us? I see where the top muslim guy in Syria was ordering people to start doing just that. IMHO I think we should take every threat like this seriously and go in and assisinate the people responsible. If we had done this with Bin Laden we wouldnt have been in this mess right now. Dont you think it's time we took these muslims at their word for a change? I can see it now...muslim guy, "WE WILL KILL YOU AMERICANS AND SUICIDE BOMB YOUR CHILDREN!".... President Bush, "You'll be doing it from hell you bastard, this is Eagle 1, commence strike, I repeat commence strike".

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003


I see 1000 units are rolling towards our Marines. The press is reporting this with direness. THE MARINES ARE IN PERIL, THE MARINES ARE IN PERIL they wail. For everyone else not holding a job right now in the journalism field, it means some great opportunities for our A-10's to get some awesome recruiting footage. Nothing would give me a hardon more than watching a couple of A-10's taking out 1000 vehicles on the way to try and kill our Marines. Imagine the highway of death all over again, sung to the tune of the A-10's gatling gun. Please dont use bombs, I wanna see a couple billion DU shells straffing those units. What's even funnier is that when they roll in and open fire, it sounds like they are farting on the enemy ;-). I dont think our Marines have anything to worry about.

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Monday, March 24, 2003


I think I'm in love...
Taurus .454 Casull

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Deep thoughts with Doc
--If we could just somehow convince the Muslim terrorists that we hate Hollywood as much as they do, they may quit trying to kill us.
--Cant we just nuke the world and get it all over with?
--The French AND Russians selling technology and spare parts to our enemy? I guess thats the difference between a natural ally and one who is just acting friendly to get a handout, thinking one day that they will once again be able to stand us down.
--Is it me or does CNN give as much time to the anti-war people as to the soldiers fighting over in the desert?
--It's inevitable that the commie sponsored protests are going to get coverage, I just turn the channel, they dont deserve my audience.
--Iraq seems kinda like most big cities in America, One wrong turn and it could be your life.
--My mother in law is coming down from Canada tomorrow.
--I'm sure glad I'm not in Bush's position and had to make his choices.
--One choice I would have made different would have been not putting some nasty goat fuckin towel head's life in front of a member of the United States Armed Forces.
--Could we please use at least one MOAB on some Iraqi troops? I dont care if they are surrendering or not.
--I sure wish we could just mop up all these commies who hate our country and are doing everything in their power to bring it down. I guess sooner or later we'll all just get pissed and start confronting these assholes with baseball bats or shotguns, either is acceptable.
--While I mourn the deaths of our troops, I cant see how awful the press seems to think it's going now, hell we lose more lives to automobile deaths every day in this country than we've had altogether, to me thats a success.
--I think we should demand Sadaam use the phrase "like a duck in a noose" in his next speech to prove he's alive and well, surely he didnt record that phrase before the tomahawks came for his ass.
--I love it that France has said that they will prevent us from passing a resolution in the UN for rebuilding Iraq, why would we even go back? I realize that Bush has intended to go back to the UN, but I think France has absolved him of his promise.
--Could we take the puny little Air tomahawks off the B-52's and carpet bomb something? soon?
--The bad news is Michael Moore is idiotic and running his mouth, the good news it shouldnt be too long until the last bit of cholesterol hardens in his heart.
--Looks like we've gotten a head start in Syria and Iran :-)

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