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Saturday, March 22, 2003


At least we've moved from 'target of opportunity' to 'shock and awe'. Do these newscasters realize how idiotic they sound? Especially going from reporter to reporter on the first night with each one of them saying exactly the same thing.
"Brent, this looks as if forces hit tonight with a target of opportunity, were fairly certain that this is not the shock and awe that's been talked about."
Now to Joe in Washington.
"Brent, the targets hit tonight, these targets of opportunity were the opening salvos in the war against Saddam, we're unclear if this is the shock and awe or not."
Now to Pete at the pentagon.
"Brent, we're being told by sources here that when the shock and awe phase begins we'll know it for sure, right now it appears to just be a target of opportunity."

Now it's...
"Brent, it appears as if the shock and awe phase has started, we're uncertain if there will be more targets of opportunity left after this shock and awe campaign."
and yada yada yada
And then theres the reporter who was claiming the bombing from nighthawks launched from carriers, how freakin dumb can you be? I must say that in my 3 1/2 years on the USS Indy I saw a bunch of wierd stuff, but no nighthawks landing or taking off!

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Thursday, March 20, 2003


Fuckin terrorists
Please, cant we Kent state these terrorists yet?

Protest creates gridlock on SF streets

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Can you imagine how nervewracking the job of being a Sadaam look a like would be? NO thanks, I would think that being a Kia crash dummy would be safer right now.

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I'm probably going to get a bunch of crap over this post, but I keep hearing a bunch of sob stories about reserves. Did you hear the one about the guy who was 1 month away from graduating from college and he got called up? That was the story going around choir practice last night and you should have seen the jaws drop when I gave my reply. My heart goes out to the men and women who are on active duty or have been recalled to active duty. I've been there, I was single at the time and knew I didnt want to spend that much time away from my future wife and kids (marriage was always in my plans I just didnt know to who). I had a good opportunity to get out of the NAVY and have a job with ownership in the company. I realized that NAVY life wasnt condusive to family life and if you wait to get out until you are married then you are trapped. Figure I was an E5 in less than 4 years, I would have been really disappointed if I hadnt made chief by 10 or 11. You dont walk away from the navy once you make chief, even if you've got 10 more years till retirement. So I got out and really did miss the military life so I called the active reserves recruiter and learned that I could make an extra $280 or so for only reserve drilling and get paid full duty for my 2 weeks a year. This was really nice since it would have been extra money and I could have taken the time off work anytime I wanted. But something held me back. It was that first reason I got out in the first place. The idea of finding the woman of my dreams and getting called up for a year with 8 month deployments wasnt exactly what I was seeking in a relationship. I turned it down at a time when I really coulda used that extra money. So while I understand the sacrifices our reserves go through I also understand that they are there voluntarily. Sure it seemed like a great deal getting money and not really having to do too much for it for so long, but then we start coming up short on people due to cutbacks. I realize that the reserves have been used more than any time ever. As far as the guy who got called up one month short of graduation.... Here's my reply. It's a sad story, but the military was probably paying for that college and I'm sure he wasnt crying when he was reaping the rewards of being a reserve. Now the time has come for him to pay for those rewards, regardless of graduation or not, it's something you definately think about before signing on that line. I'm sure he's not the one complaining, but the newspapers trying to make the military out as uncaring. I hope he does his job well and returns safe to complete his education and receive the diploma as a reward for sacrificing himself. Thanks man.

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Yeah, I realize that with the whole war thing going on noone really wants to hear me bitch and moan about taxes, but I'm here to do it :-P. I'm not bitching about income taxes or big things like that, I'm going to bitch about sales tax. Georgia law permits local governments to add a few pennies to the sales tax for pet projects but it cant total over 7 cents. We've been having a problem lately in our county. We're at 6% and the limit is 7%! Oh what to do asks the local townsmen duely elected by us? They have been quoted in the paper saying stuff like, we're losing our extra 1% of money! To which I have to ask, YOUR 1%???!!!??? Last I checked, it was/is my 1% since you dont have a splost(special local option sales tax) to take it from me. The funny thing is that they dont really need the money, but have created all this extra CRAP to spend it on. We've already voted it down 3 times this year, the last one being Tuesday. So what do they tell the newspaper? "Back to the drawing board." Maybe it's never occured to them, but we dont want that extra 1% tacked on our crap we purchase. It's even funnier because of the crap they came up with last vote to spend the money on, trying to get the broadest base to get a few more votes. One part of the money was to build a swimming pool in the black community. Another was an addition to the Sr. citizens center. A big chunk was to go towards buying up more land for the industrial park and building spec buildings to supposively 'lure' companies here. There was a few other goodies for others too but I cant remember them and cant find them right now on the web. They went all out and printed up a bunch of signs that said, "Jobs make sense". This is total crap because we have a ton of empty buildings all around town and they havnt even found anyone for the first spec building they built, not to mention the 3 or 4 that are empty because the companies went bankrupt. I do have a better idea though for our commissioners. Advertize! That's the true way to bring jobs here. I can see it now, save $200 on your next car purchase when you come to our county to buy it! Tired of 7% tax, come here it's only 6%! It'd work because people will spend all the money they save burning gas to get to the deal. It's just a life's lesson. Of course these donks dont see it since they dont view the 6% as legitimite since we're stealing that extra 1% from them. I'm sure we'll have another vote until it passes. My question to them is, "If you ever get it passed, can we have unlimited votes to strike it down like you've had?" The anwser is no of course.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2003


Random thoughts
-- I've been reading a lot about the commie protesters talking of starting a war here once the shooting starts. Please tell me that it's legal to gun them down once they start.
-- I've also been reading about Hamas and how they are going to carry out a major terrorist campaign once the war starts. Why in the hell havnt we killed them all yet? At least given Israel free reign to knock their dicks in the dirt.
-- Interesting things about the poll numbers supporting the President: 52% totally support pres and know its the right thing, 18% support the pres out of trust that he's doing the right thing, 30% do not support his actions. What this is telling me is that 52% is close to the people who voted for him and are conservative thats no shocker, what is a shocker is the 18%. 18% support him because they have faith in him. I suspect these are the old Democrats who have suddenly realized that their party is the communist party and dont like it. Thats really encouraging since it should bring great numbers in the next election.
-- If we go and liberate Iraq and let the French or any of the other 'allies' in for their piece of the pie, I'm gonna blow a gasket.
-- Did you notice yesterday how Kofi said something like he hoped that diplomacy would have gotten better results, but now action will solve it? Back off Kofi, you had your chance and blew it, theres no coming over to our side to try and look good.
-- There are tons of support the troops websites now but you'd never know it if it wasnt for conservative alternative outlets, what's up on yahoo and Reuters? Pretzels for Peace which implies that if they could just get Bush to choke and die then there would be peace.
-- Ummm sure there would.
-- Not to sound like a chick or anything, but I cant wait for the Rumsfield reports!
-- On American Idol last night, Simon told one girl that she could replace 'that girl' from the Chicksie Dicks. Thats suprising coming from a Brit who's in the pop business. Pleasantly suprising.
-- Speaking of idiotic statements from 'Stars', It's amazing how they always include the first amendment in their little saying as if it makes them exempt from action. Yes, it's true that you can say anything you want and the secret police wont take you away. All bets are off though with the American public buying your crap or supporting you anymore. I'm suprised the 'entertainers' are still struggling to find out that we dont find commie actors spouting off hateful crap entertaining, therefore we wont pay them to do it.
-- Where in the hell is Dick Cheney?
-- Too bad Rummy is going to be like 78 after Bush gets outta office because I think he'd win the Presidency by a landslide. Isnt he just what we're looking for as far as protecting the country and it's citizens?
-- Condi Rice will do nicely in his place though, yeah she's black and a woman, whip-de-do, I'm one of those that actually follow MLK's words instead of distorting them to get another handout. I guess its a content of their character over the color of their skin or lack of penis thing.
-- I cant wait to read the new Clinton tell all about how he lost the football!
-- Tom Daschle thinks his election was close last year... just wait till the next one! I realize that most senators get reelected because they bring home the bacon, but I think his statements are some of the most vile and probably an embarassment to the people he represents. Comeon people, put character above pork next election.
-- I wonder how long it's gonna be until someone starts putting Iraq crude oil in little vials and sells it for $10 bucks or so. I sure think it'd be a money maker. "GET YER IRAQI OIL HERE!" (stadium vendor voice).
-- Wouldnt it be cool if Bush kept Sadaam's eyeballs in a jar on his desk? Ok, someone dig up mullah Omar and Bin Laden and lets get their eyes too. Imagine the fear of our enemies watching a Presidental address and Bush casually looking down at his trophies.
-- I'm thinking of getting a bunch of copies of 'Neutron Dance' by Aretha and sending them to N. Korea, Thats what they'll be doing if they dont tone it down a bit.
-- Love the Dixie Chicks' music but hate their commie views? Please download their music illegally instead of actually supporting them.
-- Isnt it funny how far we've come? Nations are terrified of just "ok"ing action against Iraq. Its not like we're asking for their action or anything, all we want is their 'verbal' support. Imagine if we actually needed their physical help?

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Tuesday, March 18, 2003


Reno says we cannot solve the world's problems with might
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) In the war against terrorism, the Bush administration has failed to balance the scales of liberty and security, former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno told a packed audience Monday night at Brown University.
After watching President Bush's address, Reno said, ''We will not solve the world's problems by might.''
She then turned and evily pronounced, "The only might that should be used is a mighty fire, nothing squashes resolve like BBQ bodies." / Latest News / Northeast / Former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno speaks at Brown

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