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Monday, March 10, 2003


no really, there isnt really very much to say. Adoption is painfully slow. We've finished painting/wallpapering/chair railing/bordering the nursery. Working on my Easter solo's for church. Trying to get a new cornet mouthpiece. Finally drying out after all the rain. Iraq is still there for at least another week. The reporters will never get anything remotely Republican. Bush continues to run circles around their yappy dog questions. Iraq is still there, (it bears repeating). Work is picking up quite nicely which means we're really starting to dig out of this recession no thanks to the liberal communist. I REALLY dont know what else to say. I do think we're going to sustain a lot of chem problems over in Iraq. We'll probably have to nuke the place before it's all over with. This is even more of a reason not to delay wiping them out quickly IMHO. Mtv had this gross antiwar (fake news brief) where they went all over the world and got the most anti-american responses possible and threaded them together. Of course after screaming at the tv for a few minutes I vowed never to watch that shit again. I think Kurt Loder should be strung up and shot after his 'newsbrief'. These people sicken me and bring out the extreme torturous side of me that I really think should remain hidden. All I can say is that I hope to God that I never come face to face with one of these college protesters because I'm afraid of my actions. Maybe more later when more happens.

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