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Friday, February 21, 2003


I'm off to the instrumental expo tonight and tomorrow. I hope the death toll doesnt go up too much more on the Great white concert disaster. It seems like everytime I make it back to Yahoo it goes up by 15 or so. Jessie Jackson or not, I sense a few hard convictions coming in these night club disasters, and rightfully so. When you are going places unfamiliar its always a good idea to figure out an escape plan. Y'all might find this wierd, but I'm always doing it. I'm constantly running survival senarios in my head and not just in wierd places. Such as... What would I do if I had to 'go to ground' and never make 'contact' with the real world again. The plans are right here in my head... buuuuahhhhhhhwwwaaaaaa (evil laugh) you'll never catch me! Have a good weekend folks and watch out, we seem to be in accident mode right now.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003


The ski trip
Well we all made it back in one piece. I can honestly say that this was one of the most problematic trips I've ever been on. We borrowed a bus and put a trailer hitch on it to tow a little uhaul trailer for our luggage. All the kids were in the bus and being the 'guy' that I am wanted to check the lights just to make sure everything was ok. It's something I ALWAYS do before towing anything. The lights were completely hosed. The blinkers were reversed with no brake lights or running lights. All you could hear were groans over having to delay the trip an hour while we got it all fixed. Of course I wasnt going to let it roll till we had lights, we had a chase vehicle, but sometimes they cant be right behind you. We got up to NC about 1am with a lot of snow on the ground and the roads pretty icy and light rain. The next day it was warm and most of the snow had melted, but still made for some interesting snow ball fights. We had a really good program which was the guy in charge of PFR (Presbyterians for renewal) and two college dudes who led us in songs. The guy had a really good non pressuring message. I loved his last line:"Even if you end up a drunk in the gutter, God still loves you the same as he does Billy Graham." Of course he also added that this love doesnt keep us from getting punished by him. Then we went night skiing. It was raining (more like misting) the whole time and I decided that I would ski Sunday when it wasnt raining. We woke up to complete ice. The temperature went from 45 to 20 overnight and froze EVERYTHING. This was kinda fun because we were in a cabin on top of a steep hill and you could slide about 60 feet just on your shoes. We definately wernt going to be going skiing that day since the road was so bad. Then it started sleeting and it accumulated about 1/2 inch which gave it more traction. Us leaders had to come up with a decision because if we stayed there then that night it would all freeze again and more sleet/rain was expected. We decided to try to get the bus down the hill and once we were successful with that we knew the main roads would be better. At about 1:30 we decided to pack it up and go back home while we still could. The roads and even I-85 were horrible and we probably saw 30 or so wrecks with the worst being flipped over and firefighters using the jaws o' life on it. On a side note, most of them were SUV's. People just dont understand that just because you have 4WD it doesnt mean that you wont lose control, in fact a 4WD is the same as a 2WD when the brakes are locked. It was kinda fun to see the idiots buzzing by when we were doing 30. You know that they are thinking they dont have to worry about black ice because they are in a SUV! lol... We got home safe and sound around 11pm or so. It was an interesting trip, but definately a letdown because of the weather. I'm just thankful that we all arrived safely and didnt wreck the borrrowed bus.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2003


Joe Millionaire
Yes, I know it's stupid, but I've been tuning in to watch Joe. I honestly didnt expect it to happen, but it turned out to be a great ending and something to ponder. The show pretty much ended up with 2 opposite kinds of girls. One who was a total slut who not only was sucking face with him every chance, but I'm sure tried ANYTHING he wanted. Of course she thought she had fucked him into submission and her into first place, but it didnt go down like that. In walks Zora. Hot, but definately not as hot as Sara. So what does she have going for her that makes her different? Zora wouldnt kiss Joe until their last date and then it was in the heat of the moment and it didnt go any further. Even after they kissed once, she didnt let him kiss her anymore (cept on the cheek). So you had a girl with morals and one who thought she could win him by being a slut. Girls, guys want sluts, but not to marry. Sure they wanna get it a lot once they are married, but it helps if they respect you before and after you get married. I'm not saying it's always the case, but most of the times hard to get usually gets picked up first.

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