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Friday, February 14, 2003


Mrs. Doc and I are taking the kids up to NC this weekend to go snow skiing. The conditions there are supposed to be kinda bad with ice and rain, but it may turn out to be more 'snow' than ice and make for some good skiing. As most people in the south know, it's not really snow skiing as much as ice skating with skis. We were talking to a guy who worked with my wife, he's from Wisconsin and on his way back today. He asked the typical yankee question, "They're from the south, can they even ski?". Not passing up any chance to chide a yankee, I responded, "just because there isnt any snow here doesnt mean they dont travel. I dont know of many mountains in Wisconsin so what's the difference?". It's funny because most of these kids have nicely funded families and they go 'real' skiing in Utah, or Colorado every year. I've only been 5 times, 2 in the US and 3 in Japan. All times have been mostly on icey snow. Some time I'd like to go out to Utah and hit the slopes and get a few more wives. ;-) hehe cant resist getting in a punch at y'all Mormons. I'll be back sometime late Monday and hopefully able to walk. Then we have our Infant CPR class on Wednesday for our adoption requirements and Instrumental Expo the following weekend. I'm also playing in church that Sunday. Who knows what else will pop up, wish me luck skiing :-). See y'all Tuesday!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2003


It seems as though every argument against the war has to do with Muslim reprecussions if we attack Iraq. The fear that terrorists are going to take to the street to show how much they hate us. Let me first say this. I made a promise to myself a long time ago(I believe it was in boot camp) that I would never let fear get in my way of doing something I wanted or needed to do. I am afraid of heights but am doing everything I can volunteer for that's up high. Fear is never a good reason not to do anything. Fear is just fear. Being scared is natural and helps us to live. You have to learn to take that fear and make it useful, to make you vigilant. Flight or Fight isnt just something that happens when you get mugged, it happens everytime you have that little tinge of fear. With all that said, I dont think that this Muslim fear is valid anyway. I honestly believe that ANY terrorist who could do anything would have already struck as soon as possible. It doesnt make any sense to wait since every day you wait is another that you look bad because you cant produce. As far as other countries rising up against us because of this, I'll take Bush's words "You are either for us or against us". We've got some housecleaning to do after all this anyway, better to have your enemies out in the open than hiding behind you.

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Awww now I feel all googlie inside
After reading the Dodd for President thing I decided to go try google myself. Go on and try it. First I looked up the ole shoein iamright and I came up number 1. Then I started getting cocky and typed in I am right of which I am also number 1 :-) hehe little ole me???

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Tuesday, February 11, 2003


Just once
Just once I would love to see everything the left fears and shouts to come true. I would love to see Bush follow in Hitler's footsteps for a few days. Of course it wouldnt be eliminating the Jews, but eliminating ANYONE who felt and thought differently from him. Just once I'd like to see John Ashcroft's "henchmen" take life and really go after the Militant Muslims here in the country. Lets see... what's next that the left loves to scream is happening... HOLY WAR! Sure bring that on too. Hmmm millions of Iraqi women and children being slaughtered by our rain of bombs, OK... lets roll! Lets see the unilateralist Bush nuke the major populations of Iraq just like the left screams he's doing. Oh how the left loves to scream about how we are so bad, just once I'd love to see Bush pull out a desert eagle 50 cal pistol and drop both Schroeder and Chirac at the next available moment. OH! Also... I'd love to see us steal all the damn oil in the world for our SUV's and see quickie mart owners paying US to take the gas. But alas this world will never happen because it's the liberal world. You know, that make believe world. It's no wonder Hollywood can come up with the wildest movies like the Matrix (which I'm jonsing to see 2&3), the can make up this world because to them its really happening all around them. They are so left out of reality that you have to wonder if they've ever heard the crap they are saying. I've been known to say some stupid stuff, but usually I realize it and try to correct or have a concience about it, but not the liberals. They just babble about some unknown, made up world where Ashcroft is firing up ovens and taking ANYONE who disagrees with the Onward Christian Soldiers! One where dissent is so dangerous that no Americans are brave enough to stand up to Bush's war plans (except them and their odd friends). I can imagine their disappointment each morning when they wake up and find that they are still safe and sound in their 100,000 dollar bed, they just KNEW it was their turn to get taken away last night. You would think that the press would do their friends a favor and not print their wierd pipe dream world, but they too seem to have the same problem. So we have to listen to this junk over and over again, it's like being forced to watch EYES WIDE SHUT a million times. You just have to wonder when one 'star' is going to sober up and realize that they are still here, long after they voiced their dissent. Maybe then they will go through the long therapy of joining us unwashed here in the real world.

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Monday, February 10, 2003


The Warblogger awards are through and the votes have been tallied
I think it's kinda odd that Instapundit got 'best blog', but also got 'most overated blog' which seems kinda contradictory. I realize that I am definately not a mainstream blogger due to the fact that I dont hang out with instapundit or andrewsullivan. I was glad that Frank over at IMAO showed up in quite a few categories because his page is was funnier than scrappleface. Of course there's a direct link to the winners.
Warblogger Awards

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