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Saturday, February 08, 2003


Did I hear something?
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan (news - web sites) warned the United States on Saturday against making war on Iraq on its own, arguing collective action under a U.N. umbrella would have greater legitimacy and better odds of success. Hmmm... actually it's the opposite. What Annan doesnt seem to understand is that the UN really is obsolete and gone. We are not acting alone, but WITH a broad coalition of many countries that are in the UN. What has become understood is that the UN completely slows the action required to deal with REAL terrorists and states that sponsor them. What they dont understand is that we have already picked teams, you remember the speech that President Bush presented where he said, "Your either for us or against us"? Actions have spoken and we have seen who is for us and against us. I propose a dump be put on the UN site once they move out. I wonder if we should call our new UN the American coalition or the Freedom coalition. Either way, the UN is gone and useless because they are clueless.
Annan Warns Bush Against Unilateral Attack on Iraq

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War Blogger Awards
Right Wing News is holding the warblogger awards Monday. While I was voting I realized that some of the people I was voting for wernt links on my page. This is nuts since I go to these pages everyday. Incase some of you are wondering... I did vote mostly for my bloggie friends ;-). I been kinda toying with making a 'blog family' for my site. I know it's popular lately, but I think it'd also kinda Characterize my feelings on these blogs. Give them a status symbol instead of just hanging out on the left side. I'll probably be too lazy to do it but I'm also thinking of doing something else (no, not nude pictures) to get some visitors. It's hard because I've got 2 sides of me... one is nice Christian boy and the other is Navy warmonger. They can both coexist, but I gotta make sure one doesnt take over the other. ;-)

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Saturday Ramblings
I dont post much on Saturdays but I am today. Yesterday I came to work only to find that my dsl was dead. This happens every now and then and it's always Bellsouth's fault. But ofcourse I start off doing the standard 'emergancy' procedures, virus check, adaware removal, spyware removal, cache cleanup, history dump, turn computer off, turn dsl modem off, run winip... etc, etc, etc.. Then after all that doesnt work I do the thing I hate most, call tech support. I slowly work my way through the maze of 'specializing' me for help. I get that deJavous feeling because I KNOW I've been here before, and as I push the last button to find out if Atlanta has any outtages I start mouthing the words... Atlanta, Ga No outtages reported at this time.... I dont know why they even put up the outtage thing because it's never right. Now I know that I'm going to have to actually talk to a tech to report my problem. This is the part I hate because every time I've talked to them it's some girl who is literally sitting there with her help book and going step by step. Doesnt matter how much I tell the girl I know about computers and that it's not on my end, she still wastes my 30 minutes taking me step by step only to be perplexed that it wasnt my problem. This is why I hate to call tech support. This time it's a guy, so automatically I go into guy mode and tell the guy not to waste my time going through my computer because I hate doing that every time I call tech support and some girl runs the book on me. The guy, of course, laughs and says... ok I understand what you mean. Turns out that I got someone knowledgable and he actually talked to line techs while I was on the line and tested it out... the line was ok, but their server was ignoring a lot of us. I was still without internet access until 4 which is when I try to leave by on Friday. So, alas, no posts yesterday.

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Thursday, February 06, 2003


North Korea
I have a solution to this whole North Korea problem. It seems as though each day goes by and North Korea keeps threatning us with nuclear preemptive attacks. Here's my suggestion for 'handling' North Korea. The first thing you do is insert 4 seal teams and a few Delta's into North Korea. Using Satellite imagry the teams will go and silently secure a small missle battery. Then what you do is fly 2 planes along the dmz and have the seal team shoot 2 missles (preferrably nuke tipped), but here's the catch... shoot them at China. We shoot one down but let the other nuke a part of China. Then we strike the missle base (that's empty as soon as they launch). China pretty much responds how we figure they will and we'll have North Korea taken care of. Lil Kim thinks he may want to strike us first eh? I'm not inviting it because it would mean the death of thousands of American servicemen who are stationed in the DMZ. It would make a really interesting situation for us though because then it would be a clear cut country who attacked us and I really think we'd go for nuclear destruction. Who knows what would happen but we may just find out.
N. Korea Warns U.S. on Pre-Emptive Moves

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Hehehehe Should we call this the 'Rummy Rally'?
More importantly, when the EU expands eastward next year, those states will represent a majority - 14 out of the 25 members, including four of the "big six" powers.
A diplomat from one of the Baltic states said with undisguised relish: "It's pretty clear now that Europe isn't just France and Germany."
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, said that French president Jacques Chirac was losing control of events with stunning speed.
"This confirms France's worst nightmare - that EU enlargement would turn out to be a strategic disaster because the new countries are Atlanticist, Anglophone, relatively free-trade, and not natural allies of France."

Maybe the EU will be worth a crap afterall.

Ten eastern European states to join in war

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I have a problem. I am easily distracted. When I sit down to type something I'm feeling it usually ends up with 20 (way)different points. I personally think that this is because I'm a super genius, but others think it's because I just need some Ritalin. My mind just wont stop thinking and every thought creates a new thought sometimes linked to the original thought but more likely to be something out of left field. I'm going to try harder to stay on track and present coherent points instead of just rambling along.

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Wednesday, February 05, 2003


Powell's speach
Typical blah, blah, blah to the people who arent listening, but enlightening. The best was the British guy who brought up the league of nations and history and told the UN that it would suffer the same fate as the League if it didnt back up it's words. :-)

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Tuesday, February 04, 2003


My first troll?
If you look down on my Mandela post's comments you'll see a cryptic message:
I got this wierd message, maybe someone can decipher it for me.

With only you whom isn't shit any motha fucken way..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-A Turner
-Feb 04 2003, 03:26 pm # email

Thats from , Mr Turner, maybe you would make your point much better if you spoke English. I realize that you seem to have a few words down, but please form a sentence.

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NASA funding
This is a really good article about NASA funding. I must admit that I was thinking that it may spell bad news if for some unseen reason that funding had been cut in the Bush years. The spin artists (network anchors lol) were really throwing junk around Bush making it look as though this was accident was probably a result of his cuts. Turns out he didnt cut anything. Bush has raised NASA's budget by $900 million dollars in 2 years. It was Clinton that cut the budget by $303 million in his last 4 years. I'm not saying that Clinton caused this accident because I KNOW that there is at least a 30% waste figure tied to all government spending. It's a good article that is enlightening.
Jerry Bowyer on the Columbia Space Shuttle on NRO Financial

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