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Saturday, February 01, 2003


I always wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid. When Challenger blew up I felt more moved than I ever thought I'd be. Now we've lost Columbia. My first thoughts are that it's way too much coincidence that it was the first Israeli astronaut's mission. Way too suspicious since the path is pretty much a coast into landing, a 12,500mph coast, but no fuel involved. It doesnt seem as much could go wrong once you survive not burning up in the Earth's atmosphere. So what happened? In this day and age of immediate news, the news seems to flow like syrup on a cold day. I want news, I want anwsers, NOW! I hope more than anything that it WASNT a terrorist attack, but an accident. If it was a terrorist attack then I think that complete and entire decimation on anyone who was even remotely involved.

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Thursday, January 30, 2003


Mandela's comments
Speaking at the International Women's Forum, Mandela said "if there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America."

I now see why South Africa imprisioned this a-hole for so many years. Yes, Nelson we have committed the biggest atrocity of the world by ending apartheid and getting you set free. Arent we so bad??? And then he goes down to say that the reason we dont like the UN is because it's lead by a black man. What a racist fuck. I'm sorry for the language, but sometimes these pricks just bring out the old Doc. I'm sorry we fought to free Nelson Mandela from a racist government, but know what? Thats what we do. We fight to end governments that oppress people. Luckily the ball isnt in his court to defend people who are oppressed. Luckily he's just in charge of turning a once thriving country into just another failing African nation. Maybe Bush should invite him to the White House and then let Malvo out for a day. One shot, one kill, one prick dead. What a jack off. I mean it'd be different if he had actually accomplished something other than getting his ass thrown in prison then I could expect his to get some news coverage. But all he became was a leader of yet another African country who is corrupt and stealing from their people. It's not like theres anything to steal though. Look at the globe and point to the place that has had more humanitarian "save the people" songs done about it than any other. Look at where the brutalist forms of racism exist(where if you are something other than the color of choice you die). Look at where the deadliest plague ever came from. Guess where us horrible Americans got shot up while trying to deliver food. Guess where a beauty pagent was held which resulted in all out riots. That's right it all happened right there in Africa. We do more to clothe, feed, and heal their people than they have ever thought about doing. I guess that's just our evilness shining through. So maybe our problem with Kofi is that he comes from a land where hacking people to death is the norm and dictators are the specialty of the day and that he uses the U.N. to further the progress of these principals. It doesnt have shit to do with the color of his skin, it's the color of his ideas that repulses us. So Nelson, you cant say shit till you've done shit.
Mandela: U.S. wants holocaust - Jan. 30, 2003

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American Choppers
I have 3 channels on my dish that I constantly watch. Food Network, TLC, and Discovery. The other night I was watching American Choppers where they document start to finish a special chopper. It's really interesting how these creative bikes come to be. One featured the 'Jet Bike' which was being made at Orange County Choppers down in Florida. This is a father/son duo. First let me say that the finished product was awesome, but not as awesome as the 'Spidey Bike' on their site (link is below). The whole time they are building this bike the father and son are totally fighting. This is just my opinion but I'm gonna voice it because I did see the show and it is my site ;-P. The dad is a big ole burly biker lookin dude who barks and barks and manages to piss everyone off including the paint guys. The son is the talent as far as designs and bike fitting. It's so obvious why dad is a prick. He's completely jealous of his son who has the creativity that keeps the shop running. The old man just sits back and criticizes his son constantly while the son does all the work. It's just hilarious because they still get the bike finished and go all the way up to MD for a bike event and it gets cancelled due to rain. They have made some damn nice bikes though, check em out!
Orange County Choppers

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Wednesday, January 29, 2003


Why havnt I been to this place before?
IMAO is freakin hilarious. This is old news I'm sure, but man some of the spoofs.....and comments, how true!
Why don't they just roll over and die already. For all this speech accomplished, they might as well have instead had a little monkey run on stage, say, "Ooh. Ooh. I'm a monkey." and scramble off. It now seems the kindest thing to do would be to take the Democratic Party behind the shed and blow its brains out to end its misery (and ours). Then maybe the two major parties can be a right-wing one and an ultra right-wing one, and we'll have heated debates in Congress about what is the most painful way to kill our enemies. Then, Europe will cower in fear from us even more saying, "Oh, who are those violent Americans going to lash out against next? We should do something about... Oh no! They're looking this way! Hide!"
That's exactly how I felt last night, even going to the point of hitting mute when they played Locke's sound clips later in the evening.

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Hey I might be back up and in business!

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Right now blogger is crapped out yet again. I really wanted to make my comments on the SOTU. I loved the speech. I liked that he tackled most of the hard issues that not only the dems but the liberal world community has been rattling about. I thoroughly support the hydrogen car concept which has been long overdue. What I loved the most was this speech totally took everyone by suprise. It took the Liberals, AND the Conservatives totally off guard. I realize that a lot of people wished he would have pulled out a pistol and challenged Sadaam to a duel. It isnt going to happen. It made the Democratic rebuttal obselete. If I was Locke I would have done the ole..."I had a brilliant speech prepared, but..." and then thrown it over my shoulder, "it doesnt mean crap now". The Democrats are just cowards. They are so cowardly that they had to get a freakin governor to go out and risk his neck. And risk it he did. Not one interview from a Democratic hopeful, NOT ONE! Once again... Absent when it counts. This is on Blog this so I'm going to stop and see if it posts... my edit page cannot be found right now.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2003


Addicted to Yahoo radio
Ok, I miss the stereo in my car. I sold my car because I was given a 94 toyota pickup with a bad timing chain. I'm very not above accepting gifts from my parents especially when it saves me over $300 a month. It took me about 7 months to finally get off my lazy butt and get the thing fixed and once I did I realized that the radio is shot. I decided not to fix it right now since my ride is like 10 minutes and thats not too long to go without radio. I discovered launch radio off the yahoo site and have kinda fallen in love with it. You can sorta tailor your music but they still throw in some crap, but all you have to do is click on the rate it part and rate the artist a zero and they will never appear again. Here's my station :-). Oh yeah... dont try this if you arent on high speed... at home it sucks!
Doc's Launch radio station

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Just freakin beautiful
Think we shouldn't go to war? Read this long, but riviting essay.
Eject! Eject! Eject!

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Monday, January 27, 2003


The broken promises of abortion
What a great article excerpt:
What abortion does deliver for women is the ability to routinely engage in the sexual practices of the worst kind: meaningless sex with uncommitted partners, aka sexual liberation. The irony for women is that these risky sexual practices are not even very enjoyable. For women, recent research confirms, sexual satisfaction depends primarily on the emotional quality of her relationship with the man she is letting inside of her body.

I've always wondered how a female sexual revolution was supposed to free girls. I sure didnt mind it, but thinking back on it, it sure empowered me much more than the girls I tricked into having premarital sex with. Of course being young and nieve I never understood the fact that men and women are completely different in the head. It wasnt until I was married that I was let in to see the wizard behind the curtain. With guys, it doesnt matter who it is, emotions dont mean crap when it comes to having fun sexually. The women know that if the emotion isnt there then it just doesnt 'happen', no matter how hard they try to make it there. We are just trivializing God's plan when we try to make men and women the same... they arent and never will be. One isnt better than the other, maybe the feminist dont believe that females are as good as men and that's their problem. Who knows. Gallagher

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Sunday, January 26, 2003


Christian Soldiers?
I was farting around today and found this site. It was too good to pass up, here's the conclusion, but go read all of it if you're in question.
There is a tendency…not to trust that God has appointed us to be soldiers, nor that soldiering has our Lord’s approval, and is a high calling under God. And when we don’t trust Him for that, when we don’t offer this part of our lives in worship to God, when we take off Christ as we put our uniforms on, then we abandon Him when we have a gun in our hand, at the time that we need Him most. Do you see that? It’s a matter of life and death, and at that supreme test we need God’s guidance more than at any other time.

Then this:
Where, we must ask the pacifist, is the righteousness in rape or robbery? Such things must be stopped, and we may ourselves use reasonable force to prevent them.…The same applies at a national level, internally against terrorists and rebels, and externally against other armies who threaten violent action against the state.
His conclusion: “It is always wrong to use force, unless it is more wrong not to.”

God Loves Soldiers

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