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Friday, January 10, 2003


N. Korea1
Isnt it funny how someone can totally violate a treaty and everyone will go around and never say a word about it, but once you renounce it THEN they get up in arms. This is the stupidest decision by N. Korea that they've ever made, but one I'm glad they made. Now everyone HAS to act and cant just turn a blind eye that they wish they could. A treaty is only as good as the people signing it, and obviously it was yet another trick on the Clinton/Carter administration. All words and no action makes Johnny a dead boy.

U.S. Condemns N. Korea Quitting Treaty

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a ps to the post below

ps: If that ever happens to me or had happened to me, I do believe that I would have hunted down that officer and maybe any others I felt aided him and made him pay. I'm not one really for hiring a lawyer and settling it in the courts if you know what I mean.

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The new years dog shooting
I used to date a girl from Cookeville county, TN. It's a damn good thing for me that I never got stopped up there. This is old news, but theres the video of these Cookeville county cops shooting this dog during a traffic stop. Turns out that they got a call about a car with money flying out of it on I40. So naturally it's handled like a robbery. They never said if there was even a robbery call put out, but given the judgement of these idiots there probably wasnt anything. Turns out that it was a billfold left on the roof of the car and over $400 flew out. To make a long story short, the cops have the couple cuffed and on their knees and the guy asks one of the cops to please close their car door so the dog doesnt get out. Kinda understandable request since it's obvious what would happen to a dog who got out on the interstate. Turns out that the traffic wasnt the problem, but the cops. The dog doesnt even attack the cops but just runs out and bubba cop drops a 12gage shell into it. It's graphic but necessary to see how bad a judgement this cop showed. I'm the last to question cops in different senarios, but these guys were obviously idiots to the core.
Cop's misjudgement

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Thursday, January 09, 2003


Mark Steyn hits a home run
Never failing to impress me with his insight, Mark Steyn takes on our fake document system and tears it apart. A must read for everyone, but Y'all already know that because all good conservatives love Mark Steyn's articles.
Document this!

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Wednesday, January 08, 2003


Now Iraq is saying we're going to devastate Baghdad? I thought Sadaam just said the other day that we would be humiliated and defeated. So which is it Iraq? We all know the truth, but I think it's funny to see them saying both.
Yahoo! News - Iraq: U.S. Preparing a 'Devastating' War

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Tuesday, January 07, 2003


I love the way people view how we are going to fight Iraq. Even Bill Gertz who is somewhat credible is wrong in my opinion. Maybe everyone is watching too many Vietnam movies or WW2 flics, but there is no 'trapping' us in a 'ring'. First ring and second ring will be destroyed and immobilized by flight ops within the first week. Communications and power will be eliminated by the new graphite bombs. I believe that we will lose more people to accidents and friendly fire than to the Republican guard. A whole lot of Iraqi civilians will die, for sure. It's inevitable when you put sams on top of Apartment buildings. My best advice to Iraqi civilians who wish not to die is to leave the city and find a safer place. I realize that noone in the press wants to believe how awesome our technology and military knowledge is, but I would think after we won battle after battle, they would quit this whole Vietnam speak, but they still cant get over it. Two-layer defense for Baghdad -- The Washington Times

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