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Friday, January 03, 2003


Trial Lawyers and tort reform
Theres been much ado about all this tort reform the evil republicans want to do. I've read a lot of articles from democrat columnists who are trying to make these trial lawyers look like freedom fighters for the American public. Here's what it all boils down to: Trial lawyers and liberal juries have made it where you cant go anywhere or do anything without having a warning flashing in front of your face. These democrats act like corporations just have this huge bag of money that magically appears each night (like the govt does too). They dont realize that every time there is a lawsuit or settlement, that money has to be absorbed by every consumer purchasing the product from the defendant. How low do you think Walmart's prices would be if they wernt being sued once every 10 minutes? How much do you think your insurance would cost if people wernt trying to hit the lottery from fender benders? How many times do you see gridlock traffic just because there was a small wreck and EVERYONE had to leave in an ambulance just to try to strike it rich? I think a loser pays combined with a $250,000 max pain and suffering would go a long ways towards getting this country back on its feet again and being responsible for our actions. I look at the trial lawyers and the democrats like I look at the environment wacko's and democrats. Both are trying to destroy us, just the trial lawyers have an easier time because it also has income distribution also.

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From Drudge
Astrologer to the Stars Sydney Omarr Dead...

Isnt it funny how astrologers can see everything in the stars and yet it's a suprise when they die?

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Thursday, January 02, 2003


Frist kills 1, leaves traffic snarled for 14 miles
CNN,ABC,CBS,CNBC,AP,REUTERS- Incoming Senate majority leader Bill Frist witnessed first hand how SUV's flip over. It is unknown if Senator Frist, a Republican from TN, actually hit the SUV with his high priced Mercedes, or if he just caused the accident. After the 'accident', Senator Frist decided he was much more qualified to handle the scene than paramedics. Maybe Mr. Frist was trying to quell so called rumors of his racist past by being too eager to help the family from the 'accident'. Noone knows if Senator Frist would have acted the same way had the car been filled with African Americans, we never will know if he would have stopped. What is known at this time is that one girl is dead and traffic was snarled for over 14 miles after Senator Frist stopped to help.

Yeah ok, it's just a sick parody, but one they wish they could get away with. One could only imagine if Tom Daschle would have come to the rescue. First call: CNN!, then 911 after CNN is within 15 minutes. Of course that would be it, no cpr, no triage, just a call from his car and he'd be hailed a 'hero!'. Maybe I'm just cynical, who knows. Here's the real story:
Sen. Frist Helps Victims in Florida Crash (

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