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Friday, December 27, 2002


This guy is perfectly at home in the UN. What a biased article written by Reuters. You read this and think, "who in the hell is writing this propaganda?". Huda Majeed Saleh thats who, and of course from Baghdad. What an idiot.
Yahoo! News - UN Refugee Chief Says Iraq War Would Be Disaster

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Thursday, December 26, 2002


Bye bye Christmas
One down and one more to go (new years). A happy boxing day for you Canuuks. We really didnt light it up this year with Christmas sales. The year just flew on by without us and in the end my wife and I were looking at eachother saying, "Christmas????!!!!????" Our trip to Louisiana really didnt go as planned. We left Friday night around 4:30 and got there about midnight central time. All of us stayed at our Pawpaw's trailer (his old fishing camp that's become his home since mawmaw died) and it really is way too small for 12 people sleeping, but somehow we managed. Well I say managed because I kept waking up with the damn couch bar in my back, but after a dozen beers it didnt bother me as much. We didnt get to see our nieces until about 6pm Saturday night because they had to be at their other family Christmas thingie which was right before our Christmas thingie. I did install an antenna on my pawpaw's tv because with Dish network he coundnt get locals (they dont offer it) and the Louisiana family was so lame that they couldnt take an hr to figure it out. I went and got this cool antenna that clips onto the dish and uses the power from it and the coax so you dont have to run any new wires. Everything went smoothly and before too long it was up and running. My pawpaw isnt exactly an electronics genius (who's is?) so I tried to make it easy to change over to the local channels. Well, first off there was a game on so he wanted to watch the game and learn the remote later. So I go to my second project, washing his windows. He's got some cheap trailer storm windows and it took a while to figure out how to get them removed. We found that the most dirt was between the 2 windows, but we ran out of time and didnt get very many finished. So about 5 times while I'm doing the windows my step mom (pawpaw's daughter) asks me if I've taught pawpaw how to work the remote. Four times I tell her that he wants to wait until after the game is over, the fifth time I tell her that if she asks again I'm going to rip the whole F*ing thing out and let someone else figure it out. Anyway, we went over to my uncle's house for our Christmas thingie. After about an hour, me and my brother decided to go get some fireworks. Our firework history goes way back to our childhood when we used to have bottlerocket wars, and then after they banned bottlerockets we graduated up to roman candles. I was really impressed with the arsenal I could purchase with $40 and came back and put on a show. One a side note, my youngest brother David and his cousin decided to try to carry on the roman candle war which resulted to him getting hit in the face with one. He wasnt hurt since they bounce off you long before you get burned, but did make his mommy a little tense. I just threw up my hands and said it never fails the boy is a freakin accident waiting to happen. We did shower our nieces with gifts, probably way too many gifts, but it's fun to spoil. We ended up leaving Sunday afternoon around 1 and got back here without incident about 9pm. We both felt kinda like the trip was a waste of time since we didnt really get to spend time with family until after 5 on Saturday and that's about it, not even 24 hrs together for 15 hrs driving. Christmas was nice, we didnt buy hardly anything for each other since we're kinda saving our marbles for a kid. It was kinda hard on mrs doc since she was away from her family AND had really expected a kid before Christmas or at least was hoping. Logically I can tell her that her Christmas wish was really pushing it since a year's wait is really not much when adopting. But that still doesnt cure the heart does it? We fixed dinner for my parents and after that we went to their house and setup their dvd/vcr combo that we got them. All in all, I ate too much (as usual). I'm going to have to slim down and am really dreading getting started. This will not be my new year's resolution though since I dont make them. I will say that Brent over at The ville (link on the right I'm too lazy to html right now) really made me smile with the 2 hotties playing with the candy cane..... ;-) I believe that everyone was really cautious with their spending this year, some because of economic times and others because they realize that there is more to it than presents, I'm a little of both.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2002


Merry Christmas
I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Not happy holidays (generic version). Merry Christmas. If it was a few weeks ago I would wish all our Jewish people happy Chanakkuah (I know I didnt spell that right but I'm lazy right now). On our drive down to Louisiana I heard a lot of radio stations touting the 'real' reason for Christmas. At least their version of the real meaning of Christmas. Charities and Social work. I realize that in our commercialized world, Christmas has become a lot of things to a lot of people, but there is only one true meaning of Christmas. That is to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. Without him all we have is a X (Xmas). I do realize that Jesus gave his life for us so that we may be saved if we accept him. I realize that he taught us about the unfortunate. I can see one angle of helping others at Christmas to honor some of Jesus' teachings. While this is admirable, it's hardly the true meaning of Christmas. If you want the true meaning of Christmas then you must open the bible and read about it. Now I realize that a whole lotta people have had problems with 'the church', but I promise you that there is something out there for you. I know because at one time I had my middle finger up towards the church and promised never to set foot back in it. If you dont feel like trying out a church then at least pick up a bible and just read the Christmas story + 2 chapters. Regardless of how much they try to take Christ out of Christmas it will never work because 'HE' is the reason for the season, period. Merry Christmas to everyone here, may your heart be filled with him so that you will not perish but have everlasting life.

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