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Thursday, December 19, 2002


Rush misses the point
Rush Limbaugh's website brings up a question of why the Democrats are quick to circle their wagons, but Republicans always sink their problem people. He went on to say that this is all about the Clinton impeachment and how they want to get rid of Lott. I'm sure that is a very good reason for ditching him, but I actually think that isnt the point. The reason Republicans sink their idiots is because we dont find that behavior acceptable. Good behavior isnt something we just pay lip service to it's something we really believe holds society together. Kinda like the difference on Bush and Clinton on religion. Notice how the pagans and others are going nuts over the fact that Bush is a Christian? Part of me asked why they never did that when Clinton was in office, I mean he did attend church every Sunday and every time a religious holiday came up, just the same as Bush does now. Why didnt they go nuts over Clinton? Then of course I realized that everyone knew that Clinton was just doing it because he had to for photo ops, etc, where Bush goes to actually worship. That my friends is the real difference between Republicans and Democrats, IMHO. Thats why when we find a Republican acting out of line like a Democrat, we sink him... because principle is more important than party. It's something the media will never get because they are faker than fake.
The Truth Detector: Lott Lost Support With Sham Trial

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Wednesday, December 18, 2002


Are we there yet?
HMMMM this blogging thing doesnt seem to be going too well. Almost noone reads me anymore, but I understand. I dont read me anymore. No this isnt a 'it's better to burn out than to fade away' thing. Maybe I am just focusing on the better things in life and not wanting to consume myself with all the crap floating around me. The Trent Lott thing is really pissing me off because he is such a freakin power hungry sow. I hate these guys who have a lust for power that much. Let me put it this way... I'd rather have a 50/50 senate with someone respectful leading it, than have Lott leading. It isnt about Democrats and Republicans to me. There are a few Democrats who I can appreciate because they have a backbone for standing up for what is right. I'm right wing, not Republican. I identify much more with the Republicans, but when they start acting like Democrats they will never get a pass, EVER. Is Lott a racists? By todays standards, ofcourse, we all are, black, white, yellow, green, whichever color you are. Do we strive to have a color blind society? I do, but many dont. So many want a society based on race, to be color blind means that quotas have to go. To be color blind means you cant have 'black leaders' like Jesse and Al. I never understood how black people stood for that whole 'black leader' nonsense anyway, isnt that a bit racist to say that the president isnt good enough to lead you because he isnt 'black' enough? Anyway... as Forrest Gump would say, 'that's all I've got to say about that.' Mrs doc and me are going down to Louisiana Friday for my family's get together. It's funny because it's my step mom's family, but it's where I grew up and it's just tradition. I guess I'll be getting a bunch of hits from the perverts when I get back because I'm sure I'll be posting about my cutest little nieces. Gives me the willies thinking about those sicko's looking for pics of them. You wont find them here! Thanks for the support Tamara and Brent. If I missed anyone else it's because you arent posting comments! Tamara, I so wish you were in San Antonio, I would try to hook you up with my youngest brother who just graduated in landscape architecture 5 yr school. He's probably too young and definately not near as financially capable as the guys you talk about on the ledge, but it'd be so cool ;-) Anyway dudes... it's almost midnight and Friday I've got an 8 hr drive AFTER getting off work at 5. I'll probably stop on the other side of Mobile like I always do and get a room. What's funny is that after you get the room and lie down... YOU CANT FALL ASLEEP for like an hr. 'sup with that? Just 10 minutes you couldnt keep your eyes open and now you're involved in deep thought that keeps you going. Odd isnt it? Sorry this has been such a Calico post.

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