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Wednesday, December 11, 2002


I couldnt have described Lott better myself
I never liked the politics of Trent Lott, and I hope this latest gaff is enough to cost him the leadership. Here's my favorite excerpt:

"Regardless, Trent Lott only does two things well, freeze-dry his hair and say stupid things. He mishandled impeachment, mishandled the 1998 elections, mishandled power-sharing with the Democrats after the 2000 election and mishandled Jim Jeffords straight into the Democratic Party.
One reason so many conservatives are denouncing Lott is that he's never given conservatives much reason to trust him or care about him. He's a deal-cutter who seems to stand for nothing except massive amounts of pork to his home state and, occasionally, sticking up for Jim Crow."

Jonah Goldberg

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Holy crap last update was 6 days ago???
Here I was thinking I needed a new watch because mine was stuck on fast forward. Man o man have I been a busy little bee. First off, only having one car now since I sold my junky Saturn, I fixed the Toyota truck that was graciously given to me by my father. This has been an ongoing project that started back in April, so after 7+ months I finally got enough of a push to finish it. The push was only having one car and having to be dropped off by my wife and picked up later and not having freedom to roam while at work. All it needed was the timing cover and chain replaced, but I'm not an auto mechanic. There's already one of those in the family and it's not me. Sure, I have mechanical skills and turn quite a few wrenches fixing machines everyday, but this really had me whipped. Anyway, it's fixed and now I've got a sticky valve, but it's drivable. Did I mention that we're not getting a Christmas tree this year? Believe it or not, Mrs Doc and I both came up with that one since the house is really too small--- and we needed the room for our Sunday school party. We've got a small one kinda there, but Christmas aint about the tree. It's about the presents! Just kidding, but while we're on presents, we finished our Christmas shopping in one night! Yep, one cold, rainy, Tuesday night. Noone was out last night and I was in heaven. I hate pushy crowds and Christmas always brings them out. The rain kept them at home though. We've decided to just spoil our nieces since we dont have kids of our own. I have to admit, it's fun buying a bunch of stuff for kids. I've had tunnel vision while working on my truck and since I cant blog with greasy hands, I've been a little gone lately. Sorry, I'll do another update later.

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