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Thursday, December 05, 2002


I've been a bachelor for 4 days!!!
Mrs. Doc went off and left me for a business trip up to Wisconsin Monday. There are a few things that I've noticed over her extended absence. First off, she is the main reason I even go to bed. Let me explain, I'm up still watching tv and not feeling tired, but Mrs. Doc is yawning and falling asleep. Sometimes I stay up a little longer to finish watching if it's good, but most of the time I just go on to bed because I remember how sleepy I feel in the a.m. and figure it's best. So now, instead of averaging 10:30 to sleep, it's been more like 12:30 with a high of 1:30. Which brings me to my second thing I noticed, She wakes me up! The last 3 days the alarm went off, I didnt wake up until I was already 10 minutes late for work. The next thing is, I'm really not too hungry when she's gone. Cooking for one is a drag, so the last few days has been mostly icecream and hotdogs. The last thing I noticed, well not really noticed because I have always known this, but I hate being single. Yeah, I know I'm not SINGLE!, but you know what I mean. I realize that this isnt exactly an ode to Mrs. Doc, because by me saying I hate being single that is leaving open that any ole soul will do ( I can see Mrs Doc trying to trip me up on this one already, except she's lost interest in my blog). I know any ole soul wouldnt do because I am hard to get along with. Theres only one Mrs. Doc that can keep me happy and I dont grow bored of. She's coming back tonight around midnight and I hope I can get everything back in order before she returns, oh yeah, I realized that I'm a pig also!

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There once was a man from Nantuckett...

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