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Wednesday, November 27, 2002


Nothing to see here, move along
Not that I would ever express my feelings of our moral superority, but dont you love it when commies dont give the NYT or AP any spin room to look as if we did it. But actually we are the reason, afterall, where was the internet invented? Thats right! I blame Al Gore!
Yahoo! News - China Jails 30 People for Internet Use - Amnesty

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002


Allah smallah
Isnt it wierd how AP can report this article just straight down the line, and yet would be 'horrified' if anyone other than muslim did this? What's even worse is that we're probably the ones feeding their skinny asses and keeping their shallow economy alive. WHY?
Yahoo! News - Nigeria Calls for Death of Writer

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Monday, November 25, 2002


Man have I been in a funk lately.

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Post office
I think I've found why the line is so long at the post office. I'm sitting there, 5th in line just waiting for Mr/Mrs. customer service govt employee to finish their conversation with postal customer 6th ahead of me. I look at the counter and of the 3 workers that were manning their stations, 3 were boxing and taping peoples crap. Here I am, boxed and ready to ship, but these people come in literally having crap in bags wanting the post office people to box and get it ready. To me, this is b.s. I realize that they make a buck or two on boxes, but cant they have someone else at another station just have a boxing line? It kinda makes me wanna walk up there with a bunch of porno's or vibrators and ask if they'll box it for me.

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