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Friday, November 22, 2002


Why I dont trust AP and Reuters anymore
If you read this article about the typical muslims in their natural state of barbariasm you'll see that now they made sure to add that Christians are involved too. The only problem is that you read the whole article and all you get from it is these typical muslims attacking everything not muslim (as usual, par for the course, move along nothing to see here) and the only reason for the mention of Christians here is to try to make it like EVERYONE is doing it as to not hurt these poor little muslims. The Christians have taken up arms to PROTECT themselves, not riot. Of course its too much for any major news organization to get a story actually right instead of trying to advance their agenda, even when the people they are trying to advance are totally not cooperating. Now their whole agenda (libs and press) is to show that muslims are peaceful and just as good as us, but it's not because they believe it, that would be too easy. It's because if they can convince enough people that we're hurting these poor muslims then Bush would be hurt, and thats all they care about. Screw everyone's safety and the truth, they have an agenda to push and if a few thousand Americans or others die then so be it. That's the way its always been, but its changing now that libs dont have a media monopoly and now they have lost their credibility. Fox news and the internet has blown a big gaping hole in the liberal networks and cnn, now if we can get the old grey lady and news services.... maybe the truth can be heard. Thats all the people want, no coverups, even if it's one of our party members because that's what's right.
Yahoo! News - Religious Riots Spread in Nigeria

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Thursday, November 21, 2002


Is it just me, or is Al Gore totally lost it now? He's been making so much noise lately that I wonder if he doesnt realize that there is no presidential election for almost 2 years. And the crap he's been spouting.... man, if I've got to put up with 1 1/2 years of this crap I'll be first one there to vote against him. And the main democrats... I didnt capitalize the name on purpose... could they be further out of touch? I realize that the media will give whatever time asked for to any democrat, but you have to wonder when the media will start noticing that their agenda is getting hurt by these wackos. I realize that I dont have links and etc, but this is really just a rant of sorts. And then I read a reference to a times article that was talking about how it's the democrats duty to have a different voice and how they must not agree with Republicans on anything because thats the way the founding fathers wanted it. I dont know how far they can get before the tether snaps, but it sure is stretching now. Whether democrat or Republican, I think the founding fathers wanted our representatives to believe in what they were voting for and know that they are voting the way their people back home want them to vote. What I'm sure they founding fathers didnt want was a bunch of people governing from push polls and "you scratch my back I'll scratch yours" political wrangling. I dont understand why the democrats cant just believe in something and be truthful. I realize that this would be political suicide because deep down they are total socialists, just some are better at hiding it. I think that they have been lying for so long that they dont realize that real people have convictions and integrity and dont have to know what our neighbor is doing so we can do the opposite. I do believe as Ann Coulter believes though, popularity with the media depends on one thing... Abortion. If you're for it, then your a media darling, if you're against it then your an ass.

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