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Friday, November 15, 2002


6 great books for sale
Just a little shamless plugging here but if anyone is interested, I've got 6 books up for sale on ebay. I'm asking $30 on the starting bid which is pretty low considering 5 are hardback. Here's the list:
1.. My American Journey - Colin Powell - Copy 1996
2..The Terible Truth about Liberals - Neal Boortz - Copy 1998 (hardcover)
3..God, Guns & Rock 'n' Roll - Ted Nugent - Copy 2000 (hardcover)
4..What's So Great about America - Dinesh D'Souza - Copy 2002 (hardcover)
5..How I accidentally Joined the Right-Wing conspiracy (and found inner peace) - Harry Stein - Copy 2000 (hardcover)
6..The ten things you can't say in America - Larry Elder - Copy 2000 (hardcover)

eBay item 1583205554 (Ends Nov-18-02 07:07:37 PST ) - 6 Right Wing Books you need! Boortz,Elder,etc

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Thursday, November 14, 2002


Post office
Have you been to your local post office lately? The other day I had to go pickup a registered piece of mail which I cant stand to do because you have to go to the counter. All I can say is... Here's your finest government monopoly workers at their best. First there are 3 people working the front and one kinda counting his money out of the 6 counters. I realize that they cant afford to hire the other 3 people to fill these counters every day since they are wasting $20 bucks an hour or so on EVERYONE there. But now every one of them is a customer service specialist which seems to result in the line being 10+ people and for over 10 minutes I watch it grow to over 20. So its the usual, I get to the front and this helpful postal guy grabs my green slip and goes back to get my letter, comes back and I've gotta sign and print my name, then comes the best part. Now he's Charlie salesman, "would you like any stamps or postal items today?" Well guess what dickhead, if I need any stamps, I'll be back here in line or get them somewhere else, but it's guaranteed that I'm going to buy them from YOUR company! Just get my freakin letter and let me get on so you can talk to someone else.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2002


Yeah yeah yeah, I'm sure the fact that a Republican is in office and just after big Republican wins this hits the news once again. It reminds me of the homeless stories that started popping up within weeks of Bush's inaguration. My favorite one is Sam Kinnison where he said he'd like to go over there and just take one of them and grab a handful of sand and shake them saying..."YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS... IT'S SAND.... NOTHING GROWS IN SAND, KNOW WHAT IT'LL BE IN A THOUSAND YEARS???? SAND YOU IDIOT". I'm sure that part of it is brought on by some horrible government action also, so WTF?? We're always supposed to save these people because they decided or their ancestors decided to settle on land made with sand? Every once in a while Darwin is right.
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Monday, November 11, 2002


Veteran's Day
Yeah, I'm a veteran, but I dont feel like one. Let me tell you a story. About 9 years or so ago I was visiting my grandfather on leave. I was telling him how happy I was because we just got awarded a MUC(meritorious unit commendation) and I was happy because it was another ribbon I could wear. He kinda smiles to me and says that its odd that I am talking about medals because his sister just gave him 'this' and he hands me a folded up sheet of paper. Imagine me, PN3 who pushed a desk all over the Persian gulf never in harms way talking about MUC's and SWA's, and then reading the paper my grandpa gave me. It was for a medal he had gotten while in WWII as a corpsman. First let me tell you, the war really messed up my grandfather and my dad says when he came back he was HARD. The one thing he couldnt stand was coughing at night. Growing up I never realized why and it sounded silly until I finally realized that being a corpsman and having to listen to dying people coughing and being sick put him kinda over the edge. But anyhow, I have never heard anything about his service other than he was an Army Corpsman in Patton's 3rd army, oh and one story about a French whore, but that's another story. So I'm reading this paper and it's a freaking silver star! For anyone who isnt aware, the silver star is a damn high award, but this one was his second silver star. Not to mention he also had two bronze stars too. So I just sit there and read about how he dragged body after body from the front lines and etc, and I'm thinking, my grandfather is a freaking hero by military standards today. I dont know what else he got for serving his country because he still refuses to talk about it and I respect that. He'd probably laugh at my little story here because to him its just something that he would rather not remember, he went off and marched all over North Africa and Europe patching up badly wounded bodies all the while probably being scared shitless, but being a man and doing the job of his country. TO ME, THAT'S WHAT VETERAN'S DAY IS ABOUT.

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