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Friday, November 08, 2002


Hi again, yes, it's me Doc
I figure I'll post a little to cap off this week. We've been doing so much at work lately, first trying to get some bearings pulled off some equipment so I've been up to my elbows in grease and trying to pull these bearings that are on a 3" shaft so they are big. We finally got our porta power out that has a 10 ton ram and got a few popped off. Lets see... that was monday and tuesday, wednesday, ahhh wednesday.... I signed up to do the Wednesday night dinner at church. Every Wednesday night someone volunteers to cook for everyone and they have a bible study which I miss since our band practice is at the same time and after that is choir at 7:30. Like I said, I volunteered to cook, here's the menu: Doc's bbq chicken; potato salad; baked beans; white bread; cookies for dessert. I worked till 11:30 and then went to the store to buy the stuff. I didnt do too bad cost wise, I think it ended up being about $1.10 a person or something like that. The bbq grill I borrowed was only big enough to do 1/3 of the chicken at a time, so I had to do it in rounds and stack it all on the grill about 15 min before serving to coat with the sauce and let it bake on a little. So many people complimented me on it, with some even saying that it was the best ever, etc... Pretty good for my self esteem :-) I figured it'd turn out pretty damn good because I am the Que meister. I bought about the perfect amount, except for the bread which I had 2 loafs left over and 2lbs of potato salad (out of 24). This is the second dinner I've done for them the first was speghetti and I made the perfect amount there also, which brings me to the next thing I've got to admit. Are you ready for it? I must admit that God has blessed me with so many talents and the ability to help so many people out. I must admit that God does work through me when I let him do it. Call me a kook or a religious zelot, or whatever, but dont you ever feel that way when you are doing something that you have no experience with and it just turns out great? Maybe I just have horseshoes coming out my butt, but I truthfully believe that it is God working through me and I plan on using my talents for him and his worship and to me that's definately the right place. Tonight is Friday and I've got to run to Costco tonight to get hamburger patties for tomorrow's sunday school cookout we're doing. Costco has the best premade hamburger patties I've ever had, I cant remember the name, but it's their store brand name. We're having our sanctuary redone right now so church is going to be in our activities building which is a half gym thing. I cant wait until we get back in the sanctuary because they are totally redoing the sound system, AND making more room up front which will help us when our band plays because right now its too cramped. lol... I got off what I was saying... Maybe we'll go out and get some good food and wine. Of course it all depends on the wife and what she wants to do since she controls the money.

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Wednesday, November 06, 2002


Busy busy busy
Man o man have I been busy lately. Tonight I'm cooking for 135 or so people at church so I've been doing a lot of prep work on that. Adoption thingie is going hot and heavy, not going to say anything about it except we may be close. And work has been kinda consuming and work is where I post. I've been really crossing my fingers on this whole election thing so havnt really wanted to talk it up much lately. So now post election, everything I thought would happen has which is suprising. ack... lol.... as I'm writing this work calls again. More later.

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