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Thursday, October 24, 2002


Michelle Malkin
She was on Fox news tonight talking about her latest Article. This was my first time seeing her live. I've always read her articles on Jewish World Review. Is it just me or is she hot or what? Check out her article above, it's complete with a new picture of her (much more flattering I must add) oh... and last but definately not least, it documents how the INS screwed up again. This time it was letting Jamaicasnipeman go and not deporting him and his mother after they were apprehended. Damn, that INS sure is racking up a high death toll on their hands. Though we dont know who's hands it is because of all the beaucracy.

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So thats why we never got a description
Could it be because these serial killers are black? So now after screaming about white, right wing militants over and over in the news what happens? lol... It'll be interesting to see how the press handles this one since the killers are part of 2 protected groups, blacks, and muslims. What's even worse is that if they hadnt given their identities away, the cops woulda still let them through their road blocks while looking for white guys. I guess we here in America better get used to these Muslim convertees starting up their own little thingie on their own. I'm still beside myself that idiot Moose decides that he owes it to the killers AFTER THEY ARE IN CUSTODY NO LESS to say what they want said. Like A Duck In a Noose... LADIN? Look for people somewhere to find that as a code word or something. Oh... and another thing, yesterday I heard something from Bush that I didnt like. Why after ever disaster does he say some cheezy line like, "we're going to put the resources of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT behind this, you can be sure your FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will take care of this matter, etc, etc, etc,". Why cant he just step out and say, we're gonna do what we can to help. All this touting of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT as this solve all really irks me. My favorite caption to a picture is the picture of illien gonzales when the federalies storm troopered his uncle's house. Under it someone wrote, "Hi we're from the federal government to help you."

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Wednesday, October 23, 2002


New ways to look dumb
"Ummm mr sniper dude? please dont hurt anyone, we're your friend", ok so I know that isnt a quote, but merely a paraphrasing. Maybe its just me, but does this police chief look and act like a big puss? Your job is to find this MF and apprehend him or shoot him dead, not do press conferences begging him not to kill again. He has you just where he wants you. The police are playing HIS game now. I'm starting to wonder if the chief has an alibi for himself about the shootings, he sure is basking in the spotlight. Kinda like the cop who shoots himself in the foot and blames it on the robber to get attention. Or the fireman who starts fires like backdraft. Yeah I'm just making fun of his sorry ass, but still... you never know. And the press.... I'm still trying to figure out if the press is for or against the so called sniper. You know the execs are up there saying stuff like... I hate when people die, but it sure does boost our ratings!!!!! RATINGS!!!!! Whats gonna be wierd is when the sniper turns out to be some left wing enviro nut and the press has to do a sudden hush up to protect their liberal groups.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2002


E.T. phone home
Call us back? Where in the hell did this guy get his badge? a crackerjack box? Maybe its just me, but does this strike you as making an idiot out of yourself? Ummm we're sorry mr killer, we didnt get your message.... yeah that's the ticket... yeah... so call here so we can locate... ummoops.. I mean HEAR, YEAH HEAR what you wanted to say. I wonder if they can even find their asses with both hands, much less a guy running around gunning people down and making fun of the police in the process.
Police Seek Contact With Sniper (

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What a suprise... the blackmail starts
I guess we're all better off that I'm not President. My first gut feeling is to tell kim that we'll open up talks with his dog eatin ass. We open our arms to him and his whole family to join us in say Prague or something. Blow his plane up in the air to coincide with massive daisy cutter airstrikes. This is a war where civilian casualties are lucky to have their pitiful grass eating life extinguished before they starve to death. Nuke or no nuke, Fuck you NK, come over here talking that shit, you should be taught a lesson. I'm sure Clinton gift wrapped the damn bomb and gave it to Jimmy to help their cause. I really think it's past the point of 'talking' isnt it?
Yahoo! News - North Korea Warns Skeptical U.S. on Nuclear Talks

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Monday, October 21, 2002


Why I'm getting my conceal and carry permit # 345
Friday I was getting ready to leave from work and had closed down everything but the office, I updated this blog with a few notes and was actually logging off the computer when I heard a sound of a car door closing. I thought it was my father dropping by to show me what he bought (he was going to buy a furniture set). I stepped out the door and didnt see a car. So I looked around the corner and theres a black guy carrying my wife's bowling ball (actually its a ball, shoes, in the bag) and of all things, the Jeep's first aid kit. He's just exiting the gate so I run over and confront him. Let me first say, our mill is right at the corner of the 'hood', right on the bad side of the tracks. Keeping windows in the side facing the road is a losing battle since there is so much 'ammo' with the tracks right there. I never thought that someone would have the balls to just try to rip us off when we were here. So really I'm stunned and remember that I left the office door open (which is a no-no). I tell the guy to drop the stuff and he says, "Why?". This guy had the same expression as if he was buying a coke. So then I tell him, "set it down or else", and I start bowing up and getting ready to deck this guy. The guy sets down the ball and then holds the first aid kit for a second and then throws it at me and runs. I looked over and theres like 5 guys over there on the corner kinda chuckling as they walk up the road. So now I go back and check the Jeep, and find that I recovered everything. Of course I am pissed, so then I lock the doors and grab the gun to go check the back of the mill just to make sure everything's clear. Now, I'm not saying I'm gonna shoot this guy if I was carrying and in the same situation, but I definately woulda had my hand at the ready. So now I'm really thinking about going ahead with the C&C. My wife is totally against guns of any kind (being from Canada) and I know it's a tough sell. But you know what? My freakin life and her's is much more important to me than some druggie p.o.s. from the hood. Our town is like 50% hood, drugs are out of control as is common crime. So I start thinking, if this guy can just walk up and take shit out of my car with me here and stand there calmly after I stop him, what can someone else do? A whole hellova lot. I think its time I took charge of our safety. It's not like I dont know how to handle a gun, hell I had a sharpshooter medal and all, and actually have a .40 glock 27 here @ work, but that's limited to my property as far as where I can carry without a C&C.

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