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Thursday, October 10, 2002


Thats funny, the article just mentioned 1 killed
No, it's not really funny but headlines like this just sicken me. The piece of shit bomber didnt kill 2, he killed 1. You cant count the bomber as 1, that's like if a guy runs over a dog and it causes him to swerve off the road and he dies, the headline would say, car accident kills 2. You dont count dogs as people, and you cant count suicide bombers either.
Yahoo! News - Suicide Bomber Kills 2 in Israel

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Wednesday, October 09, 2002


Hello, Miss America officials, it's called integrity
Hmmm looks like Ms. America 2003 actually has a platform worth a crap. Her platform is Teen abstinence. I guess the judges though she was just kidding, now she's fighting them because they dont want her to promote abstinence. Looks like the last thing they really want is a Ms. America who has real values and integrity. I, for one, support her!
Miss America told to zip
it on chastity talk

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What the 'networks' will never figure out
Here's a great article and the best part is posted, but read it all.
"Let them probe. Here in Washington, they will find parents taking their children to school and going about their business even though there is a sniper in our midst. "Are you afraid?" "Yes." "Are you going to hide in a hole?" "Hell no." On the West Coast, there are thousands of independent truckers reliant on business from the closed ports. "Are you losing money?" "A lot." "What are you going to do about it? " "Work harder when the ports reopen." In Louisiana, the hurricane floods have hit hard. "Have you lost much?" "Everything." What are you going to do about it.?" "Rebuild." These are the Americans who support the president as we prepare for war. They stand upright, even if a hard rain's a-falling."
Bush beats drums of realism

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Tuesday, October 08, 2002


Like they didnt know this would happen
Having been a single, enlisted sailor, I can tell you that this comes as no shock. Navy people used federal credit cards for prostitutes! I'm sure it paid many a bar tab also. The two things we cared about when leaving the ship were booze and boobs. Yeah I know it sounds appalling, but it is so different overseas than here. Here when you think of hookers, you think of the seedy part of town with crack whores walking the streets. Over there... they are in all the bars as hostesses. So when you sit down to have a beer, this lbfm (little brown fuck machine) is right beside you rubbing your leg. You get the picture. I will say though... the smartest thing to do in a foreign port is find a girl that's good company and have her take you around to see the sights. Its a hell of a lot cheaper since your with a local. The biggest example is taxi services... if you catch a cab or jeepie you can expect to pay 5-10 bucks to go places... with a local its 25cents, the same ratio goes for local food also. It's not like over here where you pay the girl... oh no... she's a slave to the bar so you pay for the girl to be away from the bar for the day. Its a much different life being in the navy. Just about anything goes. So a little credit card fraud... shhhhheeeesssshhhh.
Navy Credit Card abuse

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Monday, October 07, 2002


Hmmm lets see how this goes
I havnt felt like posting lately. I guess anyone who reads my drivel knows that by now. I think I've come to this lack of posting feeling because of a few things (and maybe more once I let it go). 1. Iraq. I realized before the other day that the U.S. (and the world) is full of idiots, I just never realized how many there were. I even quit reading on Iraq because it makes me wanna nuts because it makes no freakin sense how anyone in their right mind could actually say It'd be just toasty if Sadaam got nukes or something else. I cannot comprehend the idiocy it takes to come to the point where you actually believe that doing nothing is the best course of action. It makes you wish that you could round up all these freakniks and have the next terrorist attack take THEM out. But it wont of course, it'll take out the brave men and women, the productive members, but definately not the tree hugging ultra peace hippies. I cant comprehend how anyone can sit here in the U.S. and think that Sadaam has the moral high ground. It just blows me away. So in the interest of my sanity... I'll just abstain from any Iraq discussions because I get more logic out of discussing world politics with my dog than these idiots.
2. Adoption sucks. All you have to do is follow the money and you can see why. Big adoption agencies (supposively non profit) have done everything in their power to make everyone pay 20+K for adopting a baby. They have lobbied the polititions to pass laws that make it hard for regular people to adopt unless they go through a big agency paying the big bucks. Not only have they made the laws harder, but also give kick backs and sponsor all these teen pregnacy centers that provide counseling. When someone goes in there and decides on adoption.. guess who they are referred to? The ones with the big bucks who share the wealth. What's even worse is that the mother doesnt get the money and the adopting parents dont get to keep the money... its the agency that keeps the money. The one entity of an adoption that needs the least amount of monitary help.
3. The Braves are too aggrivating to watch. The only bright side to them getting crushed 2 games is that both of them happened to Tom Glavine... Mr. union man himself.
It's time to leave work, but maybe they'll be more tomorrow... who knows... I sure as hell dont.

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Lookie what I just won on Ebay.
It's a Conn 18A with a Coprion (copper) bell .485 bore which is humongous! I cant wait to get it in.

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