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Wednesday, October 02, 2002


But it's free
Here's what happens when the govt takes over health care. If I hit my head or if my dr. found something suspicious, I'd walk over to the hospital and get a CT scan or chest x-ray. In Canada it's much better since the govt controls/pays for the medicine. Isnt that what we've been told? Can you imagine a doctor telling you that you have a lump in your breast or he thinks you may have lung cancer. Now imagine waiting 5 months until you can even go to see if you really have cancer. No thanks,hell even 5 days is too long for someone with the anxiety of wondering what's wrong with their body. What's worse is that after you wait 5 months for your first CT scan... then what if they want a more detailed version before doing something.... Another wait. This isnt an American paper bashing Canada, this is from medical professionals in Canada itself. Check it out and be sure to remind your favorite liberal the next time he brings up how 'great' Canada health care is.NATIONAL POST

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Tuesday, October 01, 2002


Man do I feel like crap today. Not only are my allergies acting up, but I drank 1 too many beers last night (which was 4 total). I've become a complete lightweight as far as drinking goes. I remember the old days of hitting the port and drinking all night long, remembering the look on all my old high school buddies faces when they showed up with a 6 pack for themselves and I walked in with a case. Ahhhh but not now... alkie I'm not. I have a few beers from time to time though. One of the main things I HAD to make sure of when I joined our church was that they allowed drinking. I couldnt be THAT blatent a hypocrite! lol... Not that there's beer at church functions (like the Episcopals and Catholics do)... It's just not totally bad like most protestant denominations believe in.

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We've been having gang wars in our little town. Yeah, I know small towns arent supposed to have gang wars, but we do have a 50% black population with loads of drug activity. And dont start in on me about saying because we have a 50% black population that doesnt mean that we are going to have gangs/violence/drugs. I dont have my head in the sand, 95% of all the members comitting these violent acts are black. I'm not racist and saying that these black people 'have' to act this was because of some genetic flaw... I'm saying they choose to act that way, there's a humongous difference. Anyway, we've had 2 dead, another shot in the ass and a couple of drive by shootings. I can just hear it now.... EAST SIDE FOOL.... REPRESENT!

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