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Friday, September 27, 2002


Eve @ zenflea
I was over @ zenflea earlier this morning and read Eve's little tirade against Bush and his whole Iraq war mongering. Anyone who hasnt checked her out should because she has some good personal blogging stories that (to me) really are interesting. I've always knew that I didnt agree with her politically, but when I read her little tirade it really took me by suprise since she almost never has anything political on her site. Then I started thinking... I feel a lot of the way she does, minus the disliking Bush thing. Where she puts blame on administration, I put on media. I have the 'just get on with it' feeling on Iraq also. Every other day you hear a bunch of quotes linking Iraq to Al Queda, Hitler, Satan, global warming... etc... Then you go a few more days without anything... and then more quotes. I mean shit or get off the pot. Yes, he's bad, yes 70% support going and doing the job right. Yes, we know we'll get criticized. But just do it already. I'm sure the media has done it's best to make the administration look irratic and of course quotes everything said, even if it's just from Bush going around the country playing cheerleader. I dont know how much of this is for congress to quit dragging their feet or how much is for operational readiness, but the admin better start getting one person to talk, and needs to get that person on the same page with everyone else. The press isnt going to help them on this, even though a good war will boost their market, they are still going to be liberal anti-warriors. I guess what I'm saying to Eve is... (best Clinton voice) "I feel your pain". It's impossible to know exactly what the holdup, especially when everyone in the press is trying to get the scoop with their different angle which just muddles the water.

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Thursday, September 26, 2002


I hate you Bin Laden by Jackyl
I was cleaning off some crap from my hd when I found this song I got off the internet over @ jackyl's site. I'm sure everyone has heard it, but it's worth posting just in case. There are so many great quotes from 'Patton' in it and a few bad words (you're warned). Here it is... the definately not politically correct song, Jackyl, I hate you Bin Laden

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I feel like crap
Hope I'm not sick from being wet all day yesterday. I'll be sure to preempt anything tonight by o.d.'n on Nyquil. lol. Posts will be low since its so damn dreary outside and I'm not a "I'm so dreary" poster. All the film crews have packed it in... I guess they dont have any rain scenes.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2002


Man... it looks like the whole country is going to get some rain off this hurricane. My family down in L.A. looks like its gonna get hit hard.

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'The Fighting Temptations'
That's the name of the move they are filming right now. I was going home from work yesterday and saw Cuba Gooding Jr. in the car with some other guy. Of course they were filming at the time. Its really neat how they film cars, etc... in motion. They had the whole north side of traffic blocked off with lots of extra's on the sidewalk. One of the Destiny Child chicks is in it too. Movies must be expensive... they work for over 2 hrs before they shoot 2 min of film. updates to continue. : Artists : A-Z : Destiny's Child : Destiny Child's Beyonce Goes Gospel In Next Movie Role

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Tuesday, September 24, 2002


They exist to disagree
If you read this article you may be amazed that people still are saying, "this isnt enough". The truth is, these people are scared. They will always be scared. They are the ones who get punched in the face by someone and still dont react except to walk away. Then they will spend 2-3 years in counseling to come to terms why someone would 'want' to punch them in the face. It's almost like the battered wife syndrome. No matter how many times a lowlife hits her and her friends tell her to get help etc... they just dont accept it, up to the point where the dirtbag kills her, she still wants no action. In other words, we're wasting our breath trying to convince people who will never have enough evidence (even if we had multiple cities nuked) to do anything. They exist to disagree with ANY actions taken. Plain and simple.
Iraq's weapons of mass destruction

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Here's the 'easy' song I choked on
I'm gonna try to post it, but it may not work. This is of course not me playing, but the cd that I practice by which has piano on the left and trumpet on the right. Its cool, cause then I dont have to have the pianist there when I practice.
Day by Day

ps. Someone please try and let me know if it works (it does for me, but I've got it on my system)

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Monday, September 23, 2002


All my troubles seemed so far away... lol... Church went ok... well just ok since I screwed up 3 high notes. I dont know why, but I was so nervous. I used to be first chair trumpet back in high school which gave me a ton of solo's etc, but now I'm a nervous nellie. As I was playing I started thinking.... is that a Bb or a G? C or A? Holy crap.... what's the key anyway??? It was like somone hijacked my mind and the rollercoaster ride started. The second part where I played with the organ and congregation went fabulous. Anyway, I was so pissed after missing 3 high notes. After church, everyone came up and told me how great I was... of course being the eternal critic I just couldnt accept these accolades since I DID screw up. Not that anyone else (besides my wife who heard me practice) knows that much about music and how it was supposed to sound. So I made a decision: Either I can practice and be a trumpet player, or I can just be lazy and stop even trying. I'm trying for the former, but hopefully wont end up the latter. The 'homestudy' went great, was about 1 1/2 hrs of really just the girls chatting. Of course after the morning nervousness, I was fit to be tied, but it really wasnt anything. After she finished, Charity asked if we did ok.... she said (and I quote) "of course!, you have to have 2 heads and be a child molester before Georgia wont let you have a baby". Dont think I'll be nervous again about it.

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HTML what?
So I went ahead and got a server for the company. Having setup a million 'free' webpages, I didnt know what I was in for. This crap is starting with a clean slate. html isnt crap compared to knowing how to setup the account cgi etc... I havnt had to call customer service yet since I've only been tinkering with it a few hours, but already have the feeling that I'm dumber than a rock.

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