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Saturday, September 21, 2002


Well we're all setup for our homestudy tomorrow. I'm not really nervous at all about it, but am kinda nervous about church. Why church? Because I'm playing a song tomorrow in church. I havnt practiced really that much, but was really ready to do this song back in June before the vacation season, so it'll go pretty good. The song is called Day by Day and it's really a duet with me on trumpet and our pianist. Then I'm going to play along with the organ AND the congregation singing Imortal, invisible, god only wise and even play the descant on the last verse! :-) Good thing that's after my big duet because after that high descant my lip will be shot! Did I mention that I'm quite busy tomorrow? LOL.... Sometimes business is the best cure for butterfly stomachs. Tell you more on Monday!

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New York Mets
You've gotta love New York. Their Mets totally suck canal water, and of course they want reasons. Now it's pot. Yeah, that's the reason they're 23 1/2 games back. It couldnt be the fact that they are just generally assholes who cant get along. It couldnt be that prick Bobby V. no... definately not him. It couldnt be Astacio's hitting 16 batters, but not having 1 wild pitch this year. Lets face it, I hate the Mets. I hate everything they stand for. I'm not really a fan of the Yanks either, but as far as class goes I can respect them. My brother played in the Yank's organization. He got to play with Jeter, Ledey,and a bunch of others that have been traded, even Rubin Rivera who stole Jeter's glove! The Yanks play fair, the Mets play dirty, that's the difference. - Mets’ Trouble With the Grass

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Mess with the bull, you'll get the horns
I guess TerrARAFAT can use his baby wipes to make a blanket for him. I still dont understand why this guy isnt obtaining room temperature by now. - Arafat office building under fire, official says - Sep. 20, 2002

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Friday, September 20, 2002


The German Minister
Now she's saying she didnt make the Hitler/Bush analogy. It seems as if she's taking heat now from Germans all over for comparing Bush's tactics to Hitler's. Most will be fooled, but not me. I know the Germans are furious with her, afterall to them Hitler was a much better guy than this monster Bush! How DARE she bring Hitler down to Bush's level!
Yahoo! News - German Minister Denies Hitler-Bush Comparison

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ok... typical news over story
there was like 7 suspicious 'packages' that looked like bombs. EOD came with their little robot and have destroyed 4 of them and said they contain no explosives, but were made to look exactly like a bomb. So now it's probably some wannabe from the college who really thought it'd be funny to see complete pandamonium when someone found it during buggy days with crowded streets. I still think we need the cameras now, but hey that's today, tomorrow I'll probably be back against them.

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Oh boy :(
In the town next to ours where my wife works, they have found a bunch of pipe bombs. I dont know many specifics, but it seems as if they were planted along the main drag of town in the flower beds. They are having a big 'buggy days' thing like next week where the streets get closed off and the whole area is packed. Supposively they have detonated one already and have found up to 15 so far. Pipe bombs are mostly the work of homemade militant wacko's, but what gets me is... why? I dont really understand that much violence, but to just do it anomously is just beyond my scope of thinking. I can kinda understand Earl failing his driver's license and blowing up the driver's place.... but to just say... Hey Earl... lets go plant a bunch of pipe bombs to kill maybe a few hundred people if we're lucky.... I just can understand that mentality. I'll let you know as I find out more, but I hope they are checking neighboring towns too, this is freaky. Makes you wish they had all those little cameras around to go back and see if anyone is doing illegal shit. I know all these civil libertarians out there will scream, but shit... what other options do we have other than die?

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No way, Jose'
eBay item 1769400597 (Ends Sep-26-02 17:47:45 PDT ) - president campaign

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I'm getting ready to get a host for our business website. This is my first hosting endeavor and want to make sure I dont get a lemon. I've read around and it seems like almost all sites are tainted by money from various sponsoring hosts and dont give out 'true' information with regard to how good a host really is. If y'all could... please let me know 1. hosts you've had problems with and 2. hosts you love. I'm looking for something around $10 a month with hardly that much usage, but I want to be able to use the storage to put my own crap on for here if you know what I mean. So figure a good 300meg with at least 2 gig transfer a month. Thanks in advance guys/gals.

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Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views)

John really has a great commentary to an article over at Armed and Dangerous calling for imperialism in the middle east. The article really makes good points for us to just go over there and submit them to our will, and I found myself agreeing with what he said. But then I read John's comments which included two quotes by the Gipper. First off let me say, using Gipper quotes will always win an argument, but John makes a brilliant point. America doesnt do imperialism, period. Yes we take care of our enemies, stay around to make sure that they get back on track, but after that... the countries run the show. America doesnt do imperialism because it's morally wrong, and America is morally superior. We dont do it because when given the chance, people choose freedom themselves, all we have to do is make sure they get the chance by eliminating the brutal regime that is opressing them. Check it out. It really put me back on the path of what America does and how the media and EU/UN are really just blowing smoke when the talk about imperialism by the U.S.

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Thursday, September 19, 2002


Falling on my face
After an anticlimatic opening of my fist sound byte online and falling flat on my face, Brent helped pick me up once again. Thanks again Brent... I would say you're like a brother, but it's really like a daddy. lol.... Like I've got to say anything good about Brent, hell, he's got girls fawning over him over here at MY site for pete's sake! That's why he's da-man! Oh btw... here's Gordie Sinclair's sound byte. AND YOU BETTER FREAKIN CHECK IT OUT SINCE IT'S TAKEN SO LONG TO GET IT UP! :-)

Gordie Sinclair - Thank You America

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Wednesday, September 18, 2002


California blackouts wern't necessary?????
Yahoo loves to put up headlines that work with it's liberal slant. I'm sure this one has caught everyone's eye, but I just HAD to say something about it. Lets see where we should start. First off the California Public Utilities comission was the main player in this report. I wonder what bias they held going into these investigations? I would almost bet that California wants to make sure that it's liberal policies deflect as much blame onto the big energy producers. Second point I would like to make is the whole finding says that IF all plants had been running at 100% then 4 of the days of full black out could have been avoided and 4 of the 7 days in Northern California could have been avoided. I'm assuming that the 4 of 7 is including the 4 they talked about with the whole state. But my point is this: Anything that is a drivetrain running needs maintenance. To expect ALL of California's energy plants to be running at 100% is someone who has no experience in keeping crap going. I know absolutely nothing about energy plants, but in my vast experience other places, running at 100% is something you only do at your own risk. To actually be that close on energy is Kalifornia's mistake. When driving, do you always use the last drop of gas while coasting into the gas station? Heck no! If you did... you would get plenty of exercise walking with gas can in hand. Maybe we should send a bunch of copies of 'SIM CITY' to Kalifornia so they can restart over and over again till they get it right.
Yahoo! News - Calif.: Blackouts Weren't Necessary

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This sucks
I'm so pissed. I bothered a couple of people to bring you this sound byte that really (to me anyway) kicks ass. It doesnt work now. I'm sure its the stupid .wma file I used. The whole problem was that it came as a .rm file, but I hate real networks because they spy on you. So I tried to encode it to something else which was hard because of all the proprietary things and of course real networks doesnt want you to use anything but .rm files. Again, I'm cheap so I only use free programs. I finally used my unlead studio program to 'capture' the sound as it played off the sound card and capped it to a .wav file. I wonder if I use the .wav file (which isnt much bigger than the .wma one) if it'd work. It used to be so easy to share stuff on free servers, but those days are gone. Maybe some 'techie' out there can drop me a clue, cause I'm fresh out. I think it's an awesome sound byte that's 4:50 long and that everyone should hear it, but I'm starting to wonder if it's worth the 4 or 5 hrs I've put into it so far just trying to encode and store it. I feel like such a freakin IDIOT!!!! with a capitol I.

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Why America is great
I first heard this sound byte on 640 WGST Here in Atlanta. I was coming back from the store on Memorial Day and listening to The Kimmer Show(who I want to thank for emailing me this sound byte). This is from Gordie Sinclair who is from Canada. If this sound byte doesnt make you stand up and realize that America has no equal, and that these liberals and America haters are complete idiots, then you need more help than you'll find here.

You have to have Media player or something that will play .wma files to listen. Brent @The Ville hooked me up with the storage, thanks man.

Gordie Sinclair - Thank You America

(oh crap... gotta figure out how to do this... :( it's not working the way i want)

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002


Adoption update!
Whew it's been busy. I'm trying to get up our Dear Birthmother Letter just in case someone knows of a new birthmother who wants to give the baby up for adoption. I've put a link up on the left right above the 'Archives' section. I'm sorry for the 3 popups or so, but like I said... this is in the startup phase. We submitted our homestudy paperwork +$1000 to the proper people and have heard back. The homestudy lady is coming to our house Sunday!!!! This is one of the three interviews we have to do, and the only one in the home. We're going to board the cats since they are strictly indoor cats and are always trying to get out. Last thing we need is for the social worker to let the cats out and have us frantically run after them. The dog will just be in the back though. Keep us in your prayers and hope that I can quell my total conservative notions since most social workers are deathly liberal.

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Monday, September 16, 2002


Star struckII
Well, it turns out that the movie they are filming right now isnt the Burt Reynolds one. They already filmed that one at a plantation near town. This one is a Cuba Gooding Jr. flic. Something about him inheriting a bunch of money but not being able to keep it unless he opens a gospel ministry. That's about all I know about it, but will try to find out more. Maybe I'll go be an extra or something, but think the only white extras they need are ones wearing robes or something, no thank you.

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Not much going on today. It rained all weekend which kinda gives you the blah's, but we definately needed the rain! Church went good, we had a 'music'appreciation day with a potluck dinner afterward. Did I mention before that I play the trumpet? Yeah I know... band geek. One time at band camp.... lol... We took the kids bowling for our 'fun day'. Once a month we are going to be taking the kids somewhere away from the church and encourage they bring their friends etc... We were going to do a video scavenger hunt, but it was all nasty outside so we changed our plans. I bowled horribly though. It's been so long since I've bowled that I was happy to just break 100.

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Sunday, September 15, 2002



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