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Friday, September 06, 2002


Have a great weekend
I've had an enormous amount of traffic today and yesterday thanks to Susanna. Holy crap girl, you've got a lot of hits. Thanks. I'll be busy tomorrow so I dont think there will be a post, but you never know. For all you people who wandered upon this site.... PLEASE COME BACK REGULARLY! Yes, that's me dragging on the floor behind you holding on to your leg. I'm a horrible writer and my vocabulary and spelling really sucks, but I like people checking out my useless drivel anyway! :-) Anyway, have a great weekend and play it safe out there.

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Adoption progress:
Well, it's been a hectic few weeks on the adoption front. We've acquired almost all the funds we'll need and just sent in our homestudy. I kind of felt like I was joining the Navy once again with all the signatures and probing questions. We've written our first big check for the amount of $1000.00 which to most probably isnt much, but it's a pretty sizable investment considering you dont get anything out of a homestudy except approval. Georgia is a no advertise state when it comes to finding a baby so we have to network with our friends. I dont consider here as advertizing because this is free and really a personal diary of my life. But I will say it again. WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR A BABY TO ADOPT. It doesnt have to be all white. If you know anyone who is young and realizes that she cant support the baby or someone who already has a big family and is having trouble making ends meet and knows another mouth will sink them, then email me. I'm not going to put my or our lawyer's personal numbers up here, but will definately provide if you email me a situation. We will go as far as semi-open which means a letter and picture every year, but it will be done through the lawyer. Personally, I would prefer it to be closed, but am willing to be flexible. I know there are a whole lot of people out there and if just a few can put the word out then maybe we'll be successful. If you're a praying person, then please pray for us also. Oh yeah... my email is on the side right below the guest map and archives.

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Can you believe it's Friday already?
I guess that means tomorrow is Saturday. I've got to work a half day tomorrow like almost every Saturday. After that, its helping the youth group on a Habitat for Humanity house. Who knows how much actual work we'll get done, but I guess it's the little things that count. Anything to get some of these people to realize that you're a fool and will always be poor if you rent from a slum lord that charges $350 a month on a $18,000 house. The best thing about Habitat is that you arent giving them the house. They buy it at the lowest price, but it teaches them how to operate in the real world instead of living in the slums. They get a new house that's worth about $40,000 and still pay about 300 a month, but in 15 years it's theirs! That's the kind of crap they should be teaching these kids in the 9th grade. But of course they dont teach real life skills anymore.

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"We're in real danger of losing the "Let's Roll" brigades, especially if we allow the media (and ourselves) to Dianify 9-11. We were attacked, savagely, by ruthless maniacs intent on establishing tyranny in their own lands and fear in ours. I personally don't know what I'll do on 9-11-02, other than go on about my life as I always have."

What a great quote from Brian over at JunkYard Blog. Did you catch how he described what's going on with 9/11??? DIANIFY, Thats it! Thats how I've been feeling. The only way of commerating 9/11 is to break the back of Islam once and for all. Thanks Brian for putting my feelings into words. I tried to comment, but I think it's fried.

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"Our courageous anti-aircraft units confronted the jets and forced them to leave Iraqi skies," the military spokesman was quoted as saying.
The only thing funnier would be if he told the media that Sadaam came out and showed his big dick and scared the planes away with it!
Yahoo! News - Iraq Says Airstrike Hit Civilians

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Thursday, September 05, 2002


Oh Susanna
First things first, why do I always want to sing "wont you cry for me" after I say her name? LOL... She has the greatest blog on abortion I've seen. Actually, it kind of choked me up because I felt the same thing playing with my nieces. I feel it every day while we're sending out letters to all our friends asking them for their prayers and if they hear of any woman/girl who is in an adoption situation to please call our lawyer. I feel it as we pay off our final bills from the infertility clinic for our unsuccessful IUI's. Susanna, you've presented me an all new view with the 9months for a life situation. I'm going to be making buttons that say "Ask me about Adoption" to try to get the word out not only for us to find a baby, but to help others too. 9months for a life and it really isnt that because you dont show till 4 or so and can continue working at least 8 (if you dont have problems)+months. There are no costs associated with births when you choose adoption. Everything is taken care of, all you have to do is deliver the goods.
cut on the bias - September 2002

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Ok, one more"Hi"

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Wednesday, September 04, 2002


Coming in for the dismount!!!!

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Tuesday, September 03, 2002


Back safe and sound
Well folks, against your better wishes (just kiddin) I'm back! Sadly, I'm back without one endorsement from Mastercraft, Ski Nautique, Moomba, or Supra. LOL. Man was the lake crowded. We tried skiing around all the idiots, but eventually ended up quitting and getting up early Monday morning and getting in the skiing before anyone was really up. It's bad when it's so crowded because you dont want to try anything new because you're afraid of falling and getting decapitated by a stupid jet skiier. I've got a few pics that I'm gonna put up probably tomorrow. All in all, it was a great weekend. I came home and took about a 4 hour nap though which seemed to cure my bitchiness. I've got some bad words for the jet skiiers out there though coming up next.

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