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Friday, August 30, 2002


The lake
I'm headed to the lake for a great weekend. No posts on Monday since I'll be getting my sun and fun. Everyone have a safe and fun weekend.

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Charlie Daniels Soapbox
Theres many, many great articles written by Charlie Daniels. Not only was/is he a great country singer, but he is unapologitically conservative Christian. Check out the archives they're great!
Charlie Daniels Soapbox

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From The Shop at Home Network
I was watching this last night (dont ask me why if you dont like watching knives) and this guy had out a Samauri Sword Katana and was slicing up a piece of paper to show how sharp it was... he made a mistake and looked up at the camera and sliced a chunk out of his finger. It was freakin hilarious! He keeps talking, but has to go off screen and later returns with his finger all bandaged. Kinda like stupid human tricks! lol

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Thursday, August 29, 2002


I hope they do it. I hope they go on strike and the owners finally kick their pansy asses out in the street. How unrealistic can you be to try to get a percentage of the owner's incomes? I just read where the players are trying to get 33% of revenues... holy crap what have they been smoking. I'll tell you what it is... these players feet arent on the ground anymore. When the average salary is over 2 million dollars a year and think about that because you dont work all year do you? Not only do they not work all year, they dont even work every game. Some may go a month without having to work in a game. As far as I'm concerned the owners should have gotten together once a salary went over a million a year and said that the cap would be 1.5 million a year. Lets get real now... who in the hell cant live off 1 million dollars a year????? All this union crap is just nuts anyway. To say that you are striking for the fans so that baseball will be preserved... oh give me a freakin break. I say... STRIKE! Let the owners kick all their asses to the curb, believe me... 3 years and you wont know the difference in talent... the talent pool is huge and I'm sure most wouldnt mind playing for a measly little million dollars, and if they do... they dont have to play. Sounds simple to me.

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Miracle at the Mine
Last night I watched 'Miracle at the Mine' on the Discovery Channel. It was a great 1hr documentary on the 9 miners who were trapped in the flooded mine in Pennsylvania. I dont 'watch' the news anymore, but remember day after day reading about it and then the relief when they were rescued, but now I got to see it all combined. There are a few points I would like to ponder on. First: throughout the show they interviewed the miners who were trapped and the families and workers who rescued them, in almost every interview they mentioned either prayer or God. They showed signs that had made saying to pray. Second: As soon as it was found out that they were trapped in a flooding mine there were tons of volunteers. They said people were calling from all over saying that they had a big pump and could be there in 5 hrs. They got the big driller all the way off a job in WV. The Navy had 9 decompression chambers on scene within 20 hrs just in case they needed to be decompressed from all the air pressure down below. Everyone swung into action. Third: These people were backwards hicks. They were coal miners who probably didnt even finish high school. They lived a simple life in a small town and had values.
After the show, I remembered a comment by Rush Limbaugh on these miners and Liberals. I realized that he was 100% right. He had said that Liberals HATE and loathe these people. They hate small town people with values. They consider them hicks and idiots compared to their big city thinking. They hate any kind of mining at all and it's because of their pickiting of strip mines that they were below the surface of the earth at all. They hate people who believe in the power of prayer and acknowledge the fact that God not only exists, but is our creator and should be praised. I noticed that not one ACLU lawyer showed up and demanded all the religious signs taken down from the courthouse. I didnt see one person there trying to picket the mine while they were trying to rescue the minders. Where were these people? Yeah, I know... they have no backbone. They only pick fights when they think the country isnt looking. It's sad that most of the people in middle America dont realize that the Democraps hate their very lifestyle. They still think that they are voting for the Dems of the 60's. They dont realize that their party has been hijacked by anti U.S. people who would like nothing more than to fly the Democrap plane into the building of middle America.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002


Fighter Jet Escorts Plane to Md.

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Enough already. The networks are salivating. CNN/Fox/MSNBC will all have reporters in every large city so they can get the 'scoop' and lions share of coverage in case something happens. I'm sure all the government counselors have been booked and rebooked. Kleenex has probably stepped up it's production. Every representative of government from President down to your town fathers are licking their chops and trying to find a friendly camera that they can shed their tears of pain. Radio stations have already began the countdown to 9/11. Police and Firefighters will be out asking for donations, afterall, they are just like the NYFD/PD so they should be noticed too! And, of course Ms. Beemer will be out promoting her story once again, afterall she DOES have a book out you know! You know what??? To me, all the things above are what allowed 9/11 to happen. It's sad that we havnt learned to get tougher, instead we want to show the world how hurt we are. Owwww poor us. Maybe, just maybe, if we would toughen up and get the news anchors out of our face and go to work to correct the problems that these 'feelings' people have caused, we could have a 9/11 day. Maybe if we just let the people who lost loved ones just grieve and hold their own little rememberances, then it wouldnt cheapen the day. These people lost someone they loved and everyone wants to not only make money off them, but jump in on their grieving. Hello people, these people wish they could have switched places with all of us who didnt lose anyone. I realize that I may sound harsh and thoughtless, but that's not the case. Actually I believe that increased vigilance of everyone's neighbor and stepping up to the plate when your turn at bat comes, are the only ways we can enjoy our country once again without fear. If we dont start respecting these peoples privacy and act like we're grieving for all these people we dont know, who knows what's next. I've got a clue though.... Welcome to the Pepsi/Tostitos/(insert name).com 9/11 grieving holiday, While you grieve we would appreciate it if you support our advertizers and remember that they will donate .1% of their profits today for counseling of children in Afghanistan.

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Barnes and Noble
The other day, Mrs. Doc and me were in B&N. We dont really like the selections in B&N because they are always totally liberal. When we enter the store, Mrs. Doc goes to her section which is usually the baby section. I run for the political science section, but not that day. That day, I went to the Christianity section to see what kind of youth group books they had (of course they didnt have any). So I'm browsing and I turn around and am face to face with the occult section. So I start looking and theres the astrology part with all the signs and etc... And then I see it! There are about 12 different little hardcover books on witchcraft designed for kids. One is even titled "Spells for School". I guess the 'fundie' in me went off because I just stared and got that glazed look in my eyes, getting more and more pissed that not only is this SHIT out there, but it's targeting kids. Guess who the publisher was of those books??? BARNES AND FREAKIN NOBLE! So now I start thinking old testiment style. I start thinking... this shit belongs on the floor. It starts sounding very sane that the best thing I could do is take this toxic shit and just start a campfire right there. Just then my wife comes and asks what the hell am I doing looking at 'those' kinds of books. I tell her my plan and she (like a good wife) promptly removes me from the books without incident. I promptly thanked my wife for rescuing me. But it brings me to a point. My eyes must have been opened because I see so much of this crap around me that I never saw before. Do you know how many primetime series' are based on the occult? TV is overrun with it. There was a time when I believed that entertainment is entertainment and yes, I still love a good horror flick. But it's almost become an indoctrinating body now. Of course, like everything else, the media has crossed that invisible line of morality and now they flaunt it. So now, I doubt I will ever buy from a B&N again.

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Monday, August 26, 2002


skiing weekend
Man am I pumped up. This weekend we're going back to the lake to go skiing. This time we're bringing the video camera and if y'all arent lucky I'll put up my fat ass taking a good fall. I grew up going to the lake every weekend and miss it. My goals for when I turn 40 are to have a nice ski boat like a Mastercraft or a Nautique and a nice lake spot with a cabin. I'm definately bringing my fishing rod and tackle box this time. Last time I had to borrow a pole and tackle, and I was grateful, but theres an alien feeling to using someone else's fishing stuff. That lake has the most catfish I've ever seen in it. Most places you go there are little bream that steal your bait and generally are a pain in the ass, but here... they are all little catfish. Yeah, I know it's only Monday, but I'm kinda already wishing it was Friday.

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