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Friday, August 23, 2002


Ozzy prays to God
Thats right folks... in the infamous Fox interview, Ozzy Osbourne said he prays to God. He even says... not the dark god either... but God the creator. Definately a step in the right direction. Anyway... have a great weekend folks... I may update once more tomorrow depending on how hungover I get! lol.

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Thursday, August 22, 2002


Sometimes life ends up a zero sum game
I dont know how I actually feel on this next article. I'm sure a lot of national people dont know about what's been going on down here in little ole GA, but this situation has me conflicted inside. In June of this year a mother brought a gun into a nursing home and executed her two 40 something aged sons. They were in the last stages of Huntington's disease and couldnt do anything at all and even was having a hard time breathing. Of course they arrested her for murder, but to me I feel for her. If you read the article below you will see how Huntington's disease has tormented her family. I for one would never want to be held alive in a vegative state. Definately no feeding tubes for me, no respirators, nothing that extends my expired time on this earth. I've seen people go through this hell of having a loved one lose every sense of dignity they have because of some kind of illness (be it Huntington's or Alzheimers). If we're lucky, death comes quick and painless, but sometimes death just seems to forget about ill people, leaving them in a haze. I think that's my biggest fear is growing up and living a good life only to have death pass over me and leave me in a haze for my family to have to deal with the problem. I know I'm only 31 years old and its really early to have those kinds of fears, but you see it happen, and then you look at this lady who put her sons out of their misery. There was someone saying on the radio today that the court HAS to give her prison time for murder so it will set an example. I disagree. Our law system provides just the thing that enables our jurors and judges to take into account the circumstances surrounding a crime. This whole idea of mandatory time is bogus... but I can understand why since the courts are so liberalized now and refused to dish out punishment because someone grew up poor or a minority. Any way, I digress. This is a sad article, but well worth the read if you want to spark a little debate inside yourself.
Carol Carr's dilema

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So I was busy today
Its 9pm and I'm putting up my first blog of the day. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2002


Movie directors dont like the U.S.?
News at 11! I love the way this article acts like it's shocked that a bunch of movie producers from all over the world like Egypt, Iran, France, and the country of Sean Penn, actually trash the U.S. in a 9/11 documentary. I'm not a bit suprised, in fact I would be saying that they were lying if they didnt trash us. Comeon Reuters, as a terrorist handmaiden, tell me you didnt expect it. Yeah right!
Top News at Netscape

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I came I saw, I voted
Yeah... big whoop. I'm sure all the dead veterans will not be rolling over in their graves now that I've exercised ONE of my many rights delegated by God. Dont I sound excited? So I went and voted for a bunch of people who will do anything at any cost to get into office. I used to have all these grand political aspirations, but realize that I dont lie and cheat enough to hold any public office. I'm not sensitive enough with people who cant handle the truth. You know what else I hate about this election scam? You have to pay a couple thousand bucks or so just to get in the election! So... you may think that you really can run a barebones campaign and not rely on anyone's handouts, but you better have a chunk of cash sitting around just to get on the ballot! So, instead of getting people who want to make a change and be honest, you get people who want to make a change so they can get more money. I'm talking about Democrats & Republicans. Everyone acts like the money just appears out of thin air. Except now Dems are screaming about Republicans getting money from all the Big-________(add anything here) things (of course except unions and lawyers and hollywood). What's funny is that they are just as guilty. They all are because it takes so much money just to even get started. So you just get slicker politicians out there who can beat the system to their needs. So, I went and voted for the guys who I thought would do the lesser amount of damage to my country and city. It's like a robber letting you pick the weapon he's going to brandish on you. You think, I'll pick the knife over the gun... sometimes the knife ends up causing more damage in the end.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2002


Here we go again
How long before the violence errupts again? I sure hope I'm wrong, but I'll give it less than a week after they pull out. There will be tap dancing by the PLO.. and after a few weeks of terrorism the PLO will somehow forget their end of the deal and we'll be right back to where we were 3 weeks ago. Why wont Israel learn? I think Enchelon was listening to me and gave my plan to Israel because I've been telling everyone that they should be bulldozing or killing the families of the bombers. I wonder if they will continue or if they'll bow down to criticism once more.
Yahoo! News - Palestinian Police Patrol Bethlehem

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Election Day
Oh how I hate election day.
1. I hate the 8 million campaign ads that seem to run back to back slamming each other: The races in Georgia have turned unbelievably negative. What's even funnier is that it goes in a triangle right now on the governor's race. One ad comes on telling everyone how much a scumbag one guy is. Then the next ad is one from the scumbag guy telling everyone how much a scumbag the other guy is. Then the next one is from the girl telling everyone how much a scumbag the first guy is... and so on and so on.
2. I hate the whole 'get out and vote' camaign: There are a lot of people who shouldnt vote. The whole idea of bussing people in just so they can exercise this great 'right' turns my stomach. If you dont vote you are considered a dick who doesnt appreciate the hundreds of thousands of people who died for you to vote. Look, those people didnt die because they were fighting someone who wanted to keep us from voting in a primary. They died because they were unlucky and got hit by fire. They died because they were doing what they were ordered to do, no more or no less.
3. I hate career politicians: I'm definately sure our founding fathers are turning over in their graves when they see these lifetime politicians whos feet never have touched the ground. Congress should be a one time, 5 year stay with no exceptions. That's the only way to take all the money out of it. Noone would spend the kind of money they do on elections if they could only be there five years. Have you ever asked why someone spends so much money just to go take a pay cut? There has to be much more money flowing in and out than anyone can fathom. And that's bribery plain and simple.
4. I dont vote for people just to keep the other guy from winning. If I dont like what both people stand for, I just abstain from that part of the voting. It probably sounds silly, but I will never vote for anyone I dont support. And on a side note: You will never get my vote by telling me how much bacon you brought home to my district. I absolutely hate that. I was listening to John Linder talking the other day and he was bragging about how much he's brought home to his district. He said that he was willing to whore himself out and vote on other's projects even if he didnt think it was necessary as long as they would vote on his pork projects. And that's pretty much congress in a nutshell. Bob Barr is a scumbag too, so guess what? I'm not voting on them.
Well, this is getting long so I better wind it down so I can actually go vote. Maybe the van that goes past my work and through the 'hood' to troll for voters needing a ride will break down.

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They have wireless phones out there now that can take and send pictures. Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

“Hi, sweetie! Where are you?”
“Uh, I’m out helping Pete shop for a new car.”
“Yeah? Send me a picture of Pete.”
A good point I havnt thought about, brought to you by Neal Boortz's page--NEALZ NUZE

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Monday, August 19, 2002


I just got emailed what I assume to be a virus from comments @ Of course I didnt open it, but even when you click on it to delete, it tries to open up the virus. I guess I'm just a moron who doesnt understand how someone gets their jollies off destroying other's computers. Maybe this is some kind of Anarchy thing, who knows... but it really shows how far we've come as a species. If I could only find their gene pool.... I think it's way due for a large dose of chlorine.

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