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Friday, July 19, 2002


Have a happy weekend
I dont know what we've got on the schedule tonight. The wife has been a little sick so I dont know if she is going to want to galivant around the state or not. Of course its work part of the day Saturday and I am taking the youth on a little outing Sunday. For everyone else out there, have a safe and happy weekend.

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Thursday, July 18, 2002


internet crapping out?
Is it just me? Have y'all noticed the internet crapping out a little today? I tracert'd it and it looked like it was midway, which would mean some backbone keeps going down (I think). Maybe it's the heat. At least I'll be cool tonight. I'm turning that bitch down to 50 tonight! hehe break it in REAL good!

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sometimes the lumps are hard to swallow
Ever have those times when you start getting a little ahead in your savings account and something comes along and puts a dent in it? Tuesday night our Air conditioner went out. I could tell it was in the compressor, but didnt know exactly what. Well the service guy was out today and it was the compressor. It was locked up and fried itself. So now I had to shell out $1150 for a new outside compressor unit. Its true what they say about saving $1000 for emergencies. It happened on the 100th anniversary of airconditioning! Truthfully... after spending last night in a 90+degree house... 1000 bucks doesnt look too bad not to be sweating all night. My Jeep thermometer says it's 105 today... which means its damn near 100. Not a good time to lose the A/C. Now, see if we had a ski boat... we could just pitch a tent on it and live out on the water... Jimmy Buffet style! ;-)

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Man have I been jonesing for a good ski boat lately.

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political crap
I love politics. Plain and simple. I think politics shape every facet of our lives. It controls our taxes, our roads, our schools, our economy, our retirement, even things like zoning. When I started this blog, I thought I had all these pent-up feelings about politics that I wanted to voice. I think this blog thing has been good for my sanity. As I go around the blogosphere, I realize that there are a lot of others who have much better resources and writing skills than I do. I realize that some are even journalists posing as unsuspecting bloggers. I'm really not going anywhere with this... what I'm trying to say is this. I am going to start blogging personally on things going on in my life. Occasionally there will be political comments, because that's how I live. There are a ton of other sites that can provide access and comments on political articles better than I can. So I'm not even going to try to look up and comment, unless its something that strikes me personally. I still think the Palestinians are lower than whale shit. I still think the Liberals are wacko's who hate this country. I still think that public schools are nothing more than liberal concentration camps. I still believe in the truth and in responsibility. It still disturbs me that truth and responsibility are nothing you see anymore in the media and newsprint. One day you see some wild article just because the journalist or editor has a bone to pick, not because anything is true. I feel they have nothing to print so they hype everything! Drudge is the worst at this. I still think we worship celebrities WAY too much. Has anyone stopped to think that the media is the ones hyping these celebrities and they are doing it to raise 'THEIR' money piles? I am still waiting for the demise of AOL/TIME/WARNER/CNN, but will hate seeing the Atlanta Braves on the auction block. I still believe all this... and damn near hate it all, but WHAT IN THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO BY WRITING ABOUT IT? I mean I get 14 different people a day to this website if I lucky. Not that I'm doing any of this for hits, but everyone likes visitors. To my 14 visitors, thank you. Wow this rambled on. I really suck as a writer dont I? ;-) Dont worry... I'm not quiting my day job!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2002


Awww crap... I loaded my page and got a popup. I freakin hate popups. I've got a popup killer so dont know if this one just slipped under the radar or if this is a new practice. I'm gonna be out a little today... I'll keep you updated after noon or so.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2002


Sacred ground?
This looks like a white flag to me. Maybe it's because I didnt lose anyone I love in these attacks. Who knows... I was just hoping for the tallest building in the world or something, but definately not a big memorial spot. But then again... I'm one that likes to bounce back and not focus on my hurt. To me... the tallest building in the world would be much better than some "this is sacred ground park". But then again, opinions are like a-holes... and you know the rest.

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Check my guest map!
For anyone who hasnt done so... click on the left button that says check my guest map and mark your territory.

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Not to get political... but...
Dawson has some photographs that I have been looking for. Its the ones of the Palestinians killing their own. I'm trying to get him to make up a page of these pictures so we can link it when people start getting in the 'poor palestinian' mind set. Check them out... but it'll make your stomach turn, I warn you.

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Loan sharks
Ok, I screwed up. I forgot to renew my car tags. Georgia makes you do it on your birthday. I hate this county because it has the highest tax rate in everything. Its like... if theres a law saying you can only tax this percentage... our county is at the max of every percentage. Just to give you an idea... We have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee and a 97 Saturn SL2. Every year our tag fee is $350. Thats too steep I think. I mean every year! So I forgot to pay it Friday. I go in there Monday thinking I'll pay the slap on the wrist (5 bucks or so) and get it taken care of. The woman works it up and BAM! $400! So I ask... $50 in penalties???!!!??? She says, "Its 10% of your tax A DAY!" 10% a day! THATS 3650% APR!!!!! I got pissed... I mean bring a gun back pissed. Holy crap... I'm lucky I'm a bit sane... because I can see why people go nuts like that. There are tons of laws on the books preventing 'loan sharking', limiting places to 25% annual percentage rates. So then why does the IRS and other govt entities get to charge 3650% apr? Isnt that a little oppressive? And the worst part is... WE DONT HAVE A CHOICE OF WHO TO DEAL WITH WHEN YOU DEAL WITH THE GOVT! You can avoid people who charge high interest and penalties... I would rather the law take the govt by the reins than private businesses. Private businesses who choose to act rashly will soon lose their customers... govt's never will because there is no competition. Even writing this gets me fuming mad. I felt like dropping my pants right there and whiping my ass with the check before I gave it to the lady. The only thing is... she's just an employee... she doesnt set the taxes. For that, I'm sorry she had to look into my psychotic eyes and wonder if I was going to be the one. Sorry.

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What the hell?
Why did 'Blogger' have to start screwing with their code? This freakin sucks. Everytime I go to publish it tells me that it cant find the templates.... then I have to go to my templates and resave it. Dont you just hate it when some egg-head goes and screws up a good thing just so he can justify his job? Same with Yahoo and Ebay. I can understand tweaking it a little to correct a bug... but to totally redo it, just doesnt make sense. The whole idea is to have something so familiar that you know where everything is. So quit screwing with my codes nerd!

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sometimes you feel like a snake
It hasnt been very long since I got burned, but this morning I was going to work and rubbed an itch on my face. The little rolled up skin balls kinda disappointed me. I'm not one of those burn and tan people. I burn then shed like a snake. It is kinda fun in a gross kind of way to pick off those huge pieces... but I still wouldnt mind being Italian or greek sometimes. Yeah, I've got my farmer's tan that goes with wearing short sleeves year round. I'm one of those people that stay constantly hot, even to the point of wearing short sleeves in winter because I burn up when I go anywhere inside. My wife is just the opposite, she gets cold when the wind blows on a 90 degree day. I guess together.... we're luke warm :-).

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Monday, July 15, 2002


The Korean Couple
These guys go to our church. Neither has even been on a boat before. This got me to thinking... You know.. we've really got it good here in the West. You can do almost anything you want to do here. You should have seen his face when we got on the boat. We put him in the bow and I thought he was going to do a "Titanic"... we had to tell him to sit down! lol. Not only did he go on his first boat ride, but we taught him to ski! If he had stayed in Korea, most likely, he wouldnt have ever had that experience. This isnt a 'YEAH US!' post... just seeing his face made me realize why people from all over the world are flocking to the west.

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Just what the Dr. ordered
As I said before... I'm Back! We went down to our friend's cabin at the lake this weekend. All the weather reports were forcasting a solid weekend of thunderstorms. Georgia thunderstorms are nothing to be messed with, especially camping under a bunch of pine trees. So to say the least... I was a bit leary going into the weekend. We left home after work and headed out of town (after extensive packing of the jeep). We stopped at McDonalds the next town over. Is it just me or has McDonalds gotten useless as far as serving people food in a timely manner? EVERY McDonalds I have been to in the last year is slower than Christmas with at least a 15 minute drive thru time. We placed our order then waited in line 7 minutes and didnt move an inch. I figured 7 minutes for each car, 5 cars=35 minute wait! Needless to say, we left the drive thru line madder than hell and disgusted that we fell for the McDonalds trick. I remember the good old days, when you were actually able to get food. 2 hours later, we arrived at their camp. I say camp because it's their other home 1200sq ft camp. So we find a good spot that really looked flat and pitched the tent. Our friends gathered around and wondered how we were going to pitch it, but within 15 minutes it was up and looking nice if I do say so myself. Another couple was joining us as visitors and they arrived an hr after us, they are from Korea(more on that later). We ate dinner and hit the sack for a lumpy night of sleep. We got up and had flapjacks and went skiing. The weather was kinda overcast, but definately no rain. Their place is nice because you can just start right beside their dock so you dont have to worry about getting run over at first. It's been probably 10 years or so since I've been skiing, but decided to try slalom. Their boat is a deep-V center console with a 115hp. If I was a good skiier, I probably could have gotten up, but this boat was definately underpowered to lug my big butt up and out of the water. After recycling 20 gallons or so through me, I decided to add a ski. I jumped back up and really had fun after that, but unfortunately I was tired from all the trying on slalom. My wife then tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to get up. By the time she was really getting it down, we decided that she was really too tired to do her best. The next day we went out and she nailed it on the first try! I guess she was a lot tireder than she was letting on. I am so proud of her for sticking with it. I was still not able to get up on 1, but did get to drop it right after the boat made it up to full speed. I am completely burned, even on the top of my feet. My freakin legs are killing me. My back is killing me. I am so out of shape its pitiful. But damn... I sure had fun. I love skiing! I love the water(guess that's why I picked the NAVY). One of the first things we're going to do after we get our baby is buy a boat and some land out on a lake. Life is too short not to. And I want our kids to grow up with gills :-)

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I'm back
Had a great weekend... I'll give you the lowdown in a few minutes.... gotta get everything in order being monday and all.

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Whew... that was a close one
Blogger kinda crapped out on me friday, but I posted this long thing (below) and come back and it still doesnt work.... so try to edit and repost... says template not found.... so I'm thinking.... holy crap this doesnt look good. I go back and save my template and the same thing happens... go back again and save them... and now it works.... kinda like working in the twilight zone sometimes with blogger.

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