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Friday, July 12, 2002


Going Camping
We havnt had rain in 3 weeks, but the weekend I'm going camping and thunderstorms! I guess I better spray a little more waterproofer on my tent fly. Hopefully it'll just stay overcast like it's been all day. We're going to camp in our tent outside a friend of our's cabin at the lake. You're probably thinking... why would we camp in a tent when our friend has a cabin? Cause we bought this tent and camping stuff a year ago and I promised my wife we would become campers (which is what she likes), unfortunately I'm just a bit lazy and we never got the time... so now.... WE CAMP! Hopefully the weather will cooperate... I also want to get her on water ski's, which will be her first time. I love to ski, but havnt been in years, so I hope that I can still get out of the water. Other than that... its my birthday so I'm waiting on the strippers to get here. SOMEONE DID ORDER THE STRIPPERS, DIDNT YOU? :-) I'm getting ready to head home to start packing up the Jeep so we can get a jump start and maybe get the tent up before dark or rain. Definately no updates this weekend. The state mental hospital is right there... so I hope my wife doesnt make a deposit! I'm kinda leaning towards taking a political break from blogging and going more personal. We'll see a little later. Till then.....

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The best stamp
As postal rates approach fedex, The Ville has the perfect stamp. This dude always has good stuff.

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Thursday, July 11, 2002


Tomorrow is my birthday!
Happy birthday to me! I swear, I dont feel a day over 31!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2002


Its about freakin time
Considering there are more than 50,000 of them that should be deported.
Yahoo! News - U.S. Deported 131 Pakistanis in Airlift

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A little more on the L.A. Terrorist shooting
Mark Steyn has the same ideas I do about the FBI. This is a super read and the sarcasm is great! Check it out.
Hey, FBI: So, denial really is a river in Egypt!

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Look who's talking
Linda Chavez asks whether Congress is capable of regulating business. She covers the point that most congressmen are not businessmen and most have never had a job outside the govenment. For them to go in wrecking ball in hand is just asking for trouble. I have another problem with Congress. You see all these congressmen running to the microphones to condemn all these executives, and dont get me wrong they do need judicial punishment, but who are they to talk? Have you ever seen the waste and fraud on our Nations' budget? You have DOE misplacing millions of dollars, you've got billions every year unaccounted for. These congressmen think that they can watch over business, but they cant even do their job. We should be watching congress as much as they are the businesses. Actually even more, because their money is taken by the barrel of a gun. Conservative Columnists: Linda Chavez

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Bud who?
Yesterday's baseball all-star game ended in a tie? Bud Selig is one of the wierdest commissioners of baseball that I've ever heard of. Why they let this guy stay in there is beyond me. I think all-star games are really unimportant, but now they have become a joke. Soccer and hockey fans must be chuckling under their breath, because BASEBALL NOW HAS A TIE! It doesnt work this way. Baseball never has a tie. I dont care what happens... you either make up the game or you play until one pitcher is so exhausted that someone belts a homer. You never end it in a tie... its just not baseball. I'm sure the liberals love this too... see no winners, no losers. Why even keep score? I cant believe the owners keep this piece of crap for a commissioner. I guess they will never oust one of their own (he owned the brewers). As Forrest Gump would say... "that's all I've got to say about that".
Yahoo! News - All-Star Game Ends in Boos, Tie

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Monday, July 08, 2002


African Union?
It is no wonder these people are the poorest on the earth. Now they have Gadhafi trying to assume the leadership role in the new African union. Here is one of his quotes...
He added, "We will do our part to achieve human rights and reach popular democracy, but in our own style, our own way."
This is the reason their people are starving. This is the reason why slavery is still running rampant over there. These people think they have nothing to learn from civilized society. I guess if you live in the dark long enough you figure out where things are, that's after bumping into everything. Here's the link to our new African Union.
Yahoo! News - African Leaders Gather for New Union

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Drudge Report
Is it just me or does it seem like Matt Drudge is a hype monger now? It's almost like he takes the most rediculous stories and puts them up to get people pissed. It may be right, it may be wrong... but as long as it's hype its there on his site. He really had a good source back in the Clinton scandals, but now it seems like he's having to dredge up stories and kinda make them appear out of thin air. I mean damn... he's even got Michael Jackson on his front page.... tabloid anyone?

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Hey! I've had a new visitor posting comments! Doc likes comments. Took a little lookie at your site and WOW! Why aren't you on my links? Ahhhh you are! LOL. Check out the Windwalker site.

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