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Thursday, June 27, 2002


Glenn Beck
I got to hear a little Beck this morning and luckily caught just a piece of what he had to say about this whole bruhaha over the pledge. He was talking about how this started happening back in the 30's and even much more in the 60's. When this country was founded it was these 3 in order... 1. God, 2. Man, 3. Country. What he was saying (and forgive me Glenn if I screw this up) was... our laws come from God. God gave those laws to and freedoms to man. Man created government to carry out the enforcement of those laws. But then came the Godless Liberals. "We hate God, We dont believe in God... This is our country we've got to be Godless because of the seperation of church and state... says so right here in the constitution." So what do the judges do (in their all powerful wisdom)? You start getting Godless judges who dont believe that God created the law. They start pounding their chests and say... We created the law. The government and country are the ones who decides which laws are right and wrong, God has no authority over me. So now they have put government in the place of God... even before the people. That's where I had to get back to work... but if I were doing the show... here's how it would have proceded. So tell me.... what happens when the government has the power and is responsible for our freedom? Oh how big us humans think we are. We learned how to clone out life. We learned how to fly around the world. We figured out how to destroy the world 100 times over. We mapped the human gnome. Oh yes... bow before the humans we are so great! All these achievements are great. But is it really smart to believe that man has grown bigger than his creator? Is it really smart to think that for a second that our acomplishment of being able to blow up the world 100 times over is even remotely close to God's ability to destroy not only our milky way galaxy... but every galaxy in existance with not even a thought? Are we so stupid to think that just because one does not believe in God that he ceases to exist? Nope... not me. I bow before my creator with humbleness because I am smaller than an electron compared to his greatness. It says it in my living handbook.... My God is a jealous God. No, I will not put myself, country, or possessions before my God. And to Stephen, aka VodkaPundit, I realize that to you it seemed idiotic and it's just words, but I think it was put there by congress to remind people that God comes first. Maybe I misread your blog, but it seems like you were saying that you think that everyone who thinks that it's the end of the world because of this is an idiot. Stephen, it isnt the end of the world, it IS the shot fired across our bow by our Clintonesque society. It's the judges saying... we dont have to anwser to God if we dont believe in him. It's the whole arrogancy of these people. We as a country have grown dumb into believing everything we hear. Democrats have proven this to a "T" by showing that if you repeat it enough then people will believe it not matter how big a lie it is. So I think the whole "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "ONE NATION, UNDER GOD" was put there by people who realize that if we dont put God first then we have lost our whole freedom. Because that right comes from God, not government. This is long and I'm tired.... if the ushers would come forward I'd like to take a collection :-).

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Wednesday, June 26, 2002


On par for the left coast
Is there anything those nutty Kalifornians wont to make them look any stupidier? If you ask me... the whole country would be better off if the whole left 3 states fell into the ocean. Just further evidence of where the left wants to take us. Oh yeah Tom Daschle is appalled... but he's thinking... break this now and be appalled... later once the people have heard it and gotten used to it... BAM! Back door it! This crap is tiring. When are we going to stand up and take back this country? San Francisco.... the only thing going good there is AIDS!
Yahoo! News - Pledge Ruled Unconstitutional

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Arthur Anderson
Anyone notice a growing pattern here? I wonder if you look into ALL of the big companies that AA did bookkeeping for if you will see this? And I dont want to hear about more govt regulations. It's government regulations that allowed this kind of thing to happen. It's big govt's promise that they are watching companies and for everyone to just sit back and let big govt protect us. Well folks, it doesnt work like that. They should hold these people accountable by charging them with economic terrorism or something good like that and locking them up in the big house with mr. ben dover.
Yahoo! News - Scandalized WorldCom Near Collapse

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Tuesday, June 25, 2002


blogger seems kinda crapped out right now

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Monday, June 24, 2002


Another thing..
Those kids are the only thing keeping me in that church since its become so pro-palestinian.

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Youth group
One of the most rewarding things I have ever done is work with my church's youth group. I find it a little wierd when I hear tons of people saying that they wouldnt get caught dead helping out the youth group. They talk about how they could never handle the kids and etc... But let me tell you... We have the best kids around! Yesterday we had a new kid come. You could tell that he didnt want to really be there. I dont even know his story yet... but someone (not even a member but a friend of one) I assume it's his step dad or maybe even a young grandfather dropped him off. God... I remember those days of being new and feeling like everyone was looking at you. So I grabbed a basketball and we started playing and as the other kids started coming in we got up a game. We all had a fun time and it seems as though he isnt having trouble fitting in too much. Then we had our devotional and afterwards the same guy picked him up. We got his phone number so we can call him to give him the schedule of our fun things. This is the whole reason I started working with the youth. I had such a good experience growing up in the youth group. I know how a simple little thing can even change a whole family's life. I just hope that they get as much out of me as I get out of them. If you havnt tried working with youth and are young at heart, I would suggest trying it. It takes a little to get through their tough outter lining... but once you've gained their trust... its gold.

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Taking Responsibility for your own safety
Below is a great link to an article talking about arming America's pilots. What I kinda see as the side point to this article is this. There are a whole lot of us who realize that WE are responsible for our protection. Dialing 911 will ensure someone comes to count the bodies... but it wont make you any safer. To me... I think EVERYONE should have guns.
OpinionJournal - The Western Front

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