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Friday, June 21, 2002


Maybe Unions are good after all
Now this I like. This would really help if done right. Now if we can get the FBI to act in any other way than a snail's pace we'll be alright.
Yahoo! News - Hoffa Offers 500,000 Truckers as 'Eyes and Ears'

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Thursday, June 20, 2002


Thanks to Daniel (Our guide) who got us there safely. Notice the picture only has 3 rafters.... we dumped the other one out and ran over him. The other raft picked him up and we got our swimmer a little farther down the river. All in all it was a blast and to make matters better.... We brought back all that came. Oh yeah... I made it to where you cant see anyone else's faces except mine... which is covered by that big splash of water!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2002


Us wacky Presbyterians
Ok... I'm a Presbyterian. My wife and I didnt belong to any church after we got married. My parents were attending (not member) a Presbyterian church here in town. We started going and really liked the fellowship and the preacher. Every Sunday he captivated us with his firey sermons which were borderline baptisty. Its been a year since we've joined. My wife and I are very active leaders in the youth group and I am very active playing the trumpet on occasion for church. So why all this history? Because I really didnt have any idea where this church was headed because everything seemed so conservative. That was until April 2002 when Rev Abu Faheed came to talk to the church as a guest pastor. His mission was to talk about the hardships facing Christians in the middle east. Once he got here... I found out differently. His mission was to spread his Palestinian propaganda and lies about Israel. He had a bunch of printouts from this website that he passed out during Sunday school. Then came his sermon. Which was lackluster and didnt even go into ANY detail or much less devulge his position on the whole matter. So.. I think.. fine.. another Israel hater undercover... and was walking out of the church when I heard him talking to one of our members telling her what was and is Palestine on the map. Of course it was all wrong because he has his Arab map and never talked about THEIR war against Israel. So I jumped him and started asking him why Israel had to occupy his precious country. And why in 1000 yrs his precious Arabs never gave Palestine a country. So anyway we go round and round for like an hour and then he starts up... "WHAT ABOUT JENIN... WHAT ABOUT JENIN!!!!" So I say... Jenin is a lie (this was before it came out) by the lying Palestinians who will do anything to make Israel look bad including killing their own. Ok.. this is long... anyway the reason for all this is.... Last week I found out this guy was elected moderator over the whole PCUSA! They elected this Israel hater over our whole church! So now I feel kinda like a Catholic. His church going one way (on a path to hell) while I like OUR church... just not the PCUSA. I see our lovely kind moderator has condemned the suicide bombing that happened yesterday. PC(USA) - Moderator condemns bombing. Here is the bio on our great Israeli-hating moderator PC(USA) - General Assembly 214 - Moderator. And now I did a little site searching on the ole PCUSA website and came up with this gem. It makes me sick to see it truthfully, but I'll post it anyway. Israel and Palestine - Middle East Crisis. So... do I really want to be a part of this church? I mean OUR church isnt like this... but why even give money if they are going to get it. Maybe I'll start giving it to the youth or something I know will go locally.

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Sunday, June 16, 2002


Whitewater Rafting
Tomorrow I'm going whitewater rafting with the youth group from our church. My wife and I work with them and find it very rewarding. Yeah I know it sounds kooky. But, growing up I got so much out of youth group. I decided to give it back once I became a responsible old fart. So tomorrow I'm sure I'll get 30 kids trying to drown me. My objective (as is every youth outing) is to make sure all who make the drive up... make it back. Nothing makes you more responsible than to see parents drop off their kids and put them in your care. I hope they are letting a bunch of water out so it'll be fun. No more blogs tomorrow during the day since I'll be up having fun. Maybe an update tomorrow after we get back if I can still walk. I've got something big to talk about... but i'm on dialup here at home and it sucks bigtime and this requires quite a few links to get it right. Until then....

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Well... maybe a little whoring paid off. Thanks to Dawson Speaks for the love. If anyone wants a link... just let me know. I dont get shit for hits... but maybe... just maybe sometime I will. Nothing makes my day more than to see a bunch of new hits. To anyone: Hang out... check out the archives... turn the light off when you leave, and come back tomorrow!

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