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Saturday, June 15, 2002


Yeah... I know I like using Doc better than Jerry Curtis. When I signed up I thought it was for membership... and was just too lazy to change it in my posts. So... after a little tinkering.... Doc is here now. :-). He's not quite so evil muuuuuuuahhhhhhh

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Friday, June 14, 2002


Could I be politicalled out?
Ok... maybe I'm just tired and numb... but where does this end? I know thats how the left always seems to win, because they just keep being stupid. Theres a threshold that I reach where I just cant tolerate stupidity. Like this... suicide bombers... been going on for a while now. Whats being done to stop them? Nothing. Airline safety... will they ever profile the arab men? Never. The Middle East... Will the U.S. ever let Israel take care of their business? See anwser 2. Is it just me or do you feel like we're going nowhere fast? P.C. culture is worse than ever and noone in any kind of power will tell them to shut up. What's the next stupid thing they are going to throw at us? You can bet that the conservative leaders wont do a thing about the next thing either. And the ones that do are so freakin looney that they make James Carville sound sane. So whats next? Any ideas?

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Thursday, June 13, 2002


nothing going on
Yeah... I know theres a lot going on but its hot here and I'm tired and not feeling like going into a rage right now. I think I found out why I've been in such a pissy mood. I've got a 12 disc cd changer that's had the same damn 12 cd's in there for a year. The other day it went to a Henry Rollins cd. My drive is 10 minutes so I got a week of loud ass screaming. Yeah I know I could change it... but damn sometimes it feels good to let it go. But dont worry... the last song played this morning and guess what was next.... James Taylor's greatest hits. Yeah I know... you couldnt get more different. What can I say... I like all kinds of music. I guess the next 5 days will be peace, love, dope!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2002


Here's an idea
You knew it was bound to happen. How long before the left champions Padilla and makes him their cause? Maybe we should go arrest this lawyer and try him too. How about all those blood suckers that just cant wait to get at our underbelly. FUCK THEM ALL!
Yahoo! News - Lawyer Fights 'Dirty Bomb' Suspect's Detention

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Slipping through the cracks?
Oh man... this should piss off a few people including me. I'm not going to reprint any of this article because you need to just follow the link to get the whole effect. Its from toledo muslims. Does this shit ever stop?
Criterion: Build a Mosque at Ground Zero

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Tuesday, June 11, 2002


Not to rant or anything...

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All News channels
These all news channels like CNN,MSNBC,FOX are the source of all evil in the world. Well not really... but have you ever heard of the saying.... idle hands do the devil's work? Or something like that. These networks are good approximately 3 times a year when something really big happens. After that they are stuck reporting the same news over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Then when they really get bored... they start making up the news. How many times have you heard...." Is your decaf coffee really decaffinated??? find out on our special undercover report. So you think... oh shit... my head is gonna explode cause I just drank a cup of decaf tonight at the restaurant.... but then you watch and find out that everywhere they went undercover had it straight. Now what kind of crap is that???? Who in the hell actually let that one get out of the idea room? I've got an idea. Maybe they should just report the news... then sign off. And if I see another fuckin "Poor" Palestinian on the news one more time... unless its demonstrating their evilness... I'm gonna put my foot through it.

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The Man
Here's a little humor on "The Man". click around the site and check out their movies... I'd give their site... 2 ho's up :-)
Down With The Man. Here's Why.

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Monday, June 10, 2002


Yahoo! News - Yankees Rally as Giants Slugger Bonds Goes Hitless
This is wierd. Maybe the headline should say Batless instead of hitless. What a bunch of gutless whussies. Its a freakin interleague game and you still dont have the balls to pitch to Bonds. Maybe he should start charging the mound after 4 walks. Kinda shows how biased the news is towards yankee teams though.

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You know... I'm starting to hate this damn word. Alleged killer.... shot up..... etc. You know we've become such a sue happy society that everything has its own little place. You've got the whole thing on the 6pm news but you are still using alleged killer. Doesnt it seem like noone is doing anything? Their just allegedly doing stuff. Know what I mean?

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Left Behind
Yesterday I was walking in the mall and I feel as though I've been left behind. I'm talking about the whole teen culture. Is there anyone normal anymore? Anyone without multiple peircings? Anyone without tatoos? Anyone who isnt wearing skin tight clothes showing more than its covering? Will the real NON-Slim Shady please stand up! Its like a freak show gone bad out there. Its like a bunch of dirty old men got together and decided what was going to be popular. Teens and I dont mean 19... I mean 13-15 strutting around in backless/midriffless shirts tight like Saran Wrap. Add all that to the looseness that seems to be going around... and you're ripe for an epidemic. I mean... who's watching these kids when they are getting tattooed and pierced? Who's promoting these kids perform oral/anal/any other kid of sex at the drop of a hat? It used to be the hardcore scuzzballs who acted like that.. but now its popular... WTF?

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